Simplified Dues


simplified dues.

The new dues structure puts the member first by moving from a system with thousands of dues choices to a simple, easy to understand system. National and Chapter dues become one standard dues amount per member category and dues prices only include dues. 

Member Price and Chapter Allocation

Wherever a member is located, they will pay one standard price for CSI membership, with a portion of the dues collected allocated to each home Chapter for each membership, as follows:

Member Type Member Price Chapter Allocation
Professional Member $375 $100
Emerging Professional Member $200 $50
Student Member $70 $20
Retired Member $75 $25
Emeritus Member and other honorary types $0 $0

Dues will no longer include meals or other ancillary items. However, those can still be offered by Chapters, just not as part of dues.



Apr. 1, 2022

Current members receive information related to the transition

May 1, 2022

First invoices deployed for July 2022 Renewals

July 1, 2022

Changes go live