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Do you work for a library and want to add this publication to your collection? Are you interested in purchasing multiple copies for others in your firm, chapter, or for your students? CSI member services has the solutions to these and other special purchases. You can also reach them by phone at (800) 689-2900.

MasterFormat users: As you know, the content of the old website was recently moved to the CSI website. This should improve and speed access for users using single sign-on, but as with any website upgrade, there have been one or two minor bugs.

Among these is the tool which converted MasterFormat 1995 numbers to current edition numbers. This tool which many users have relied upon is not yet ready to be used on the CSI MasterFormat site. We anticipate it being available soon, but we didn’t want any users to be confused or spend time trying to locate it.

If you need immediate access to a transition tool, one is included as a download with purchase of the full edition of MasterFormat

For any questions, please contact