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  • Posted in: CSI Suggestion Box

    Thank you for visiting CSI's Suggestion Box Community.  As Chair of the Member Connection Committee, I want to personally thank you for your valued feedback and participation on CSI Connect . CSI set ...

  • Posted in: CSI Suggestion Box

    ​I am using Internet Explorer. On a related(?) note, the scroll wheel on my mouse no longer works on the web site.  It still works on other sites and other applications, so I'm pretty confident it's not ...

  • Hello Everybody, I hope you will be able to advice me regarding the following matter. I am working at the moment on a tender programme and I came across a special requirement from the client for the ...

  • Posted in: CSI Suggestion Box

    Hi Steven, I have heard this issue persists, anecdotally.  For me, it seems to work (the site always remembers my credentials).  I use Google Chrome.  Out of curiousity, what browser are you using (Sorry ...

  • Posted in: CSI Suggestion Box

    ​Since CSIResources.org was launched, the question has been posed multiple times of when the Remember Me check box on the login screen will become functional.  The response has been that it was on the ...

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