CSI Standards help you deliver

Construction projects are complicated enough.

That's why successful professionals rely on CSI standards to improve communication with their teams and deliver exceptional results to their customers.

  • For over 50 years, CSI has provided standards - like MasterFormat®, UniFormat®, and OmniClass® - to help construction professionals with the communication and ordering of information.

  • In practice, this helps you with the storage, retrieval, and analysis of construction project data.

  • Even though we are in a digital age, human beings still rely on interpersonal communication and the organization of information to provide order to the world around us.

  • It's possible to conduct a construction project without using standards, but ask yourself - why add an extra layer of challenge to every task?

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UniFormat® helps you arrange system information as the project design is finalized
  • Common classification for the description, analysis, and management of a building throughout its life cycle
  • Estimators and design teams benefit from the UniFormat® cost analysis and early project design documentation
  • UniFormat® allows you to better evaluate design alternatives that affect facility performance

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Seamlessly integrate standards into your digital workflows or software products with Crosswalk. An enterprise-grade API, Crosswalk includes licenses for all versions of MasterFormat, UniFormat, and OmniClass, and the ability to translate between different standards and versions – directly through your current software.

Section Format

SectionFormat/PageFormat® gives guidance on organizing and formatting text for specification pages. The guidelines help reduce the chance of omissions or duplications and ensure consistency in your presentations. 

National CAD Standard

The National CAD Standard (NCS) is a collection of standards, guidelines, and tools to streamline and simplify the exchange of building design and construction data from project development through completion.

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CSI Standards Steering Committee

As part of our stewardship of these vital classification standards, we have a committee of distinguished volunteers from across the AECO community to guide the ongoing maintenance of CSI standards.

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