Committees, Liaisons, and Task Teams

CSI committees and task teams make an impact throughout the organization. Find details on all of the operating committees, task teams and liaison roles in the CSI National Volunteer Guide.

Operating Committees

Academic Programs Committee
The purpose of the CSI Academic Programs Committee is to integrate CSI best practices (knowledge, resources, certifications) in academic institutions to develop qualified construction and specifications professionals. 

Certification Committee
The Certification Committee’s purpose is to establish and monitor the CSI certification assessment systems and make essential certification-related recommendations to the Board of Directors and/or decisions.

Knowledge Committee
The CSI Knowledge Committee identifies trends impacting the construction industry. The committee works with CSI staff to develop innovative learning resources, helping all construction project team members excel.

The Construction Specifier Editorial Advisory Board
CSI Editorial Advisory Board members serve as subject matter experts for The Construction Specifier magazine to maintain the professional standards of the publication and ensure it upholds the principles of CSI. Members review manuscripts, help develop editorial topics of interest to the industry and judge articles for CSI’s Article of the Year award.


CSI Liaisons are individuals that represent CSI representatives on outside industry committees and taskforces. Liaisons work closely with CSI staff to understand and articulate CSI’s positioning, then represent the interests of CSI, speak on behalf of CSI, and listen and report back to CSI. Liaisons foster or reinforce communications between CSI and outside organizations and ensure concerted action, cooperation and mutual support.

Task Teams

AIA Contract Documents Review Group
The AIA Contract Documents Review Group works together to review draft AIA contract documents and provide commentary to the AIA Contract Documents Committee. They work to ensure that all contract documents support CSI Guiding Technical Principles.

MasterFormat Maintenance Task Team
The MasterFormat Maintenance Task Team recommend revisions to MasterFormat in response to user proposals. Members apply their specialized knowledge of construction processes and equipment installations to the ongoing updates of MasterFormat classification information.

UniFormat Task Team
The CSI UniFormat Task Team creates new editions of UniFormat in response to user proposals. Task team members use their specialized knowledge of construction processes and systems installations to update UniFormat.