Certification Committee

Certification Committee


The Certification Committee’s purpose is to establish and monitor the CSI certification assessment systems and make essential certification-related recommendations to the Board of Directors and/or decisions.


The Certification Committee makes essential certification recommendations, including but not limited to those related to certification prerequisites, examination specifications, recertification requirements and certification revocation. These decisions shall be based upon data (job task analysis, test form and item analysis data, etc.) and facilitated by CSI staff and/or external assessment experts. These recommendations shall be made impartially and under no undue influence by any other individual or business entity within or outside of CSI.


The Certification Committee shall include no less than eight (8) members. To assure that the Certification Committee represents a balanced spectrum of CSI stakeholders, the seats on the Committee shall represent the following interests:

  • At least two CDTs
  • At least two CCCAs
  • At least two CCSs
  • At least two CCPRs
  • The Director, Certification and Manager, Certification shall serve in ex-officio roles.

 Individuals may represent more than one interest area.

Participation Limitations

Members of the Certification Committee shall be prohibited from serving on Institute Committees or Task Teams that produce study guides and certification preparation programs or from offering or developing certification preparatory classes or certification supporting educational materials either as an individual or at the CSI Chapter or Region level  for a period of at least three years after their Certification Committee term expires.

In addition, the following individuals are unable to serve on the Certification Committee:

  • Current CSI Chapter Certification Chair
  • Current CSI Board of Director members (with the exception of the ex-officio liaison)
  • Any individual whose CSI certification has been revoked
  • Any individual who has been convicted of a felony related to the practice of construction specifications 

certification committee RESPONSIBILITIES

The responsibilities of the Committee and its members include:

  • Participating in Committee meetings and serving on committees and/or in roles as requested by the Chair and CSI staff.
  • Retaining authority for certification-related recommendations, including approving the certification requirements (including initial, maintenance and recertification), reviewing the examination forms, pass/fail standards, and other essential certification decisions based upon its own determination or upon recommendations from CSI staff.
  • Monitoring exam performance.
  • Assuring impartiality in certification activities, including but not limited to disclosure and/or recusal of individuals from certification processes when partiality or conflict of interest is apparent or perceived.
  • Giving due consideration to complaints and making final determinations on program complaints and disciplinary actions.
  • Serving as a sounding board for and responding to concerns and recommendations by stakeholders.
  • Maintaining notes of all Committee meetings and decisions. (CSI may assign a non-voting recorder.)

Appointments and Terms

The CEO (or his/her designee) shall approve applicants for Certification Committee membership. Each Committee member can serve at the discretion of the CEO (or his/her designee) for up to three (3) years and can withdraw at any time for any reason prior to the expiration of their term. Committee members may be reappointed for one additional term at the discretion of CEO (or his/her designee). Individuals elected as Chair or Vice-Chair may serve over two terms (6 years), if their leadership term extends beyond that time.


The Chair of the Certification Committee shall serve a term of one (1) year.  The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Certification Committee, shall represent the Certification Committee, and have primary responsibility for carrying out the functions of the Certification Committee. The Chair shall designate a Vice-Chair to perform all of the duties of the Chair when the latter is unavailable or unable to perform them, and shall perform other tasks as delegated by the Chair.

Staff Contact:
Gina Sutherland, Director of Certification

Current Members:

Pamela Jergenson, CSI, CCS, CCCA, CDT (Chair)
Scott Mitchell-Taylor, CSI, CDT
Stephen Preis, PE, CSI, CCS, CDT, SCIP
M. Keith West, FCSI, CCPR, CDT