2021 Award Winners


Distinguished Membership

Distinguished Membership is the most prestigious honor the Institute can confer on members who have performed exceptional services to CSI and the construction industry in fields of activity related to the purposes of the Institute, as stated in the CSI Bylaws. This year’s recipients are:

  • Louis Medcalf, FCSI, CCS®
  • Casey F. Robb, FCSI, Lifetime Member, CDT®, CCPR™



Fellowship is one of the top two honors given by the Institute. Fellows of the Institute are chosen by their peers (Jury of Fellows). Nominees must have been members in good standing for not less than five years and have notably contributed to the advancement of construction technology; the improvement of construction specifications; education; and/or by service to the Institute. The Fellowship criteria, qualifications, requirements for nomination, and the rights and privileges of Fellowship are specified in the CSI Bylaws. This year’s recipients are:

  • Edwin L. Avink, FCSI, CDT®, CCS®
  • Susan W. Bliss, FCSI, CDT®, CCS®, CCCA®
  • Dean Bortz, FCSI, CDT®, CCPR™



Hans William Meier Award for Innovation of Certification Programs

This award is presented to a CSI member or team recognized by their peers for providing innovations in certification preparation and training methods or procedures. The honoree has developed programs, lesson plans, and other learning tools that incorporate cutting edge technology and has used presentation methods that surpass standard certification preparation classes offered online. This year’s recipient is:

  • CSI Chicago Chapter Certification Committee

Communication Award

This award is presented to a member, chapter, region, or organization that has implemented a comprehensive communications program that consists of multiple communications programs, uses the CSI logo properly, and includes at least two of the following communications systems:

Continuing Publications: New, upcoming, and impactful ongoing publications containing innovative content that highlights cutting edge technology, helps individuals and businesses improve within the construction industry, or helps members or chapters improve their operations.

Electronic Publications: An integrated communications program within a chapter, region, or group that consists of at least one of the following vehicles: email, Facebook, LinkedIn, blog, website, contest, webinar (YouTube or other media), and/or e-classes.

Special Publications: Publications (either printed or electronic) that are published one time. These publications may be used for an annual event, to provide information, be a reference, or simply provide a means to further the mission of CSI, the chapter, or the region. Items may include rosters, marketing flyers, directories (meeting all Institute member information release requirements), technical papers, posters, calendars, and videos.

  • CSI Grand Rapids Chapter
  • CSI Los Angeles Chapter
  • CSI Memphis Chapter’s Online Panel Discussion: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic
  • CSI Phoenix Chapter
  • CSI Portland Chapter
  • Geremy Mendelson, CSI, CDT®

Environmental Stewardship Award

This award recognizes individuals, organizations, or firms who are, in the opinion of their peers, “Stewards of the Environment” (one who not only espouses but actively and publicly is an environmental practitioner) within their city, county, state, or region.

  • Ironwood Mills
  • JLG Architects
  • RTA Architects

Outstanding Contribution Award

This award, the highest honor the Institute can bestow on a firm, organization, or association, is presented for exceptional accomplishments that bring CSI (at the chapter, region, or Institute level) to the forefront of the construction industry; that promote one of the tenets of CSI (education, certification, or development of technology) to the benefit of the construction industry; and/or that assist operations at the local chapter, region, or Institute level and provide a value-added service.

  • Akron-Canton CSI Productfest
  • Billy J. Mathis, FCSI, CDT®
  • CSI Portland Chapter


    The Construction Specifier Article of the Year Award

    This award is presented to the authors of an original article published in the Construction Specifier Magazine during the current fiscal year. Original articles are nominated by the Specifier’s editorial staff and/or an individual member of the magazine’s editorial advisory board. The advisory board evaluates each article submitted for the award based on its relevance to the industry as a whole, readability, compliance with CSI’s mission and technical standards/formats, and the article’s impact factor.

    Bill DuBois, CSI, CDT®
    John Guill, FCSI, CDT®, CCS, CCCA®
    Rae Taylor, PhD
    Keith Robinson, FCSI
    Jonathan Ware


    Moll/Betts Student Excellence Award

    The Moll/Betts Student Excellence Award was established to promote the greater awareness of CSI to students enrolled at bona fide institutions of higher education in a course of study related to the construction industry, including (but not limited to): construction architecture; landscape architecture; interior design; construction engineering; construction management; construction technology; engineering; or other design or construction-related field. The award is granted to the two students with the highest scores in the CDT exam during the fiscal year. This year’s recipients are:

    • Blake Gneiting, CSI-S, CDT®
    • Katia Isabel Lucey Sanz, CDT®


    Outstanding Chapter Commendation

    This award is presented to chapters that meet the designated prerequisite core criteria and have provided the required supplemental data, as stipulated in the Outstanding Chapter Commendation form. As chapters earn Commendations, they reach milestones. The chapters are listed under their current milestone:

    New Level
      • Honolulu Chapter
      • New Jersey Chapter

     Bronze Level

      • Boston Chapter
      • Charlotte Chapter
      • Grand Rapids Chapter
      • Rainier Chapter

    Silver Level

      • Akron-Canton Chapter
      • Baltimore Chapter
      • Chicago Chapter
      • Denver Chapter
      • Fort Worth Chapter
      • Greater Lehigh Valley Chapter
      • Indianapolis Chapter
      • Kansas City Chapter
      • Knoxville Chapter
      • Little Rock Chapter
      • Los Angeles Chapter
      • Puget Sound Chapter

     Gold Level

      • Central Pennsylvania Chapter
      • Chattanooga Chapter
      • Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter
      • Mississippi Chapter
      • Nashville Chapter
      • Phoenix Chapter

    Chapter Cup

    The Chapter Cup is awarded to the chapter with the greatest percentage increase in total membership, as reported in their Outstanding Chapter Commendation application in the current awards cycle. The membership increase is based upon the Institute’s membership records as of June 30 of the fiscal year ending immediately prior to the nomination deadline. The winning chapter must have also received an Outstanding Chapter Commendation.

      • CSI Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter