Standards FAQs

What changes were made in the 2020 Edition? 
Updates include, but are not limited to, a significant update to Division 28 sections for Fire Detection and Alarm. These sections are now organized to correspond to NFPA 71 allowing specifications to be written in a way that aligns well with this standard.  

Can I view a list of the changes made? 
Upon release of MasterFormat 2020, users can visit the Revisions section of the CSI website to view changes made to the standard. Purchasers of MasterFormat also receive the MasterFormat Transition Matrix which lists all changes made in the newest edition of MasterFormat. 

How do I get my product specified in MasterFormat? 
MasterFormat does not contain specifications or specification templates. CSI takes steps to avoid use of product or company names when assigning MasterFormat titles. If you think that there is not a place to specify your product currently contained in MasterFormat, you can propose a revision on 

How much does it cost to access the MasterFormat numbers and titles on
Only users who have purchased the latest edition of MasterFormat, are CSI or CSC members, or Crosswalk licensees can access the Numbers and Titles, Introduction and Guides, and the full online content of the MasterFormat standard. It can be accessed from the MasterFormat page or via the Crosswalk API. 

How current is the data on the MasterFormat Numbers and Titles link on
The site contains the most up-to-date version of MasterFormat information available.

I'm still working with MasterFormat 95 numbers. Is there a version of this site for that version?
The Numbers and Titles page contains only the latest data, but MasterFormat 95 numbers can be converted using the Transition Matrix available with purchase of the full MasterFormat standard, or by licensing the Crosswalk API. Crosswalk provides digital delivery of CSI standards directly to your software via API, and enables you to cross-reference standards without using the Transition Matrix.

I want to submit a proposal to revise or add content to MasterFormat. How will I know the results of my revision proposal after I submit it?
You can submit a revision proposal at the Propose Revisions link on the MasterFormat page of You will need to be logged into to submit a revision proposal. For security purpouses, a second login is required on the Propose Revisions page.

You will be notified by email at your registered email address whenever the status of the proposal changes or information within it is updated.

CSI staff may contact you directly if needed to gain additional information for consideration of your proposal. More information on submitting a proposals and how the proposal is considered is available under "Revision Process." 

Is there a license required to use MasterFormat?
To protect and ensure the reliability of MasterFormat, its content is protected by copyright. Anyone using MasterFormat does so under the license granted by the MasterFormat End User License Agreement. This EULA provides a license for end users to use MasterFormat to document and deliver construction projects.

For any commercial use in a derivative product or resource that employs MasterFormat numbers or titles, contact CSI at or

I have a question that was not included on this page.
Please send your detailed question to

Is there a way to link MasterFormat directly to my project workflows?
Yes – via the Crosswalk API. Crosswalk digitally delivers all CSI Standards, including all versions of MasterFormat, UniFormat, and OmniClass, and enables users to “crosswalk” or translate between standards. As an API, Crosswalk can integrate directly into your construction project software.

For any commercial use in a derivative product or resource that employs MasterFormat numbers or titles, contact CSI at or