MasterFormat® FAQs

What changes were made in the 2018 Edition? 
Updates include, but are not limited to, an expansion of Division 02 sections for Removal and Salvage of Construction Materials. This section now accounts for removal of many types of recyclable and salvageable materials. MasterFormat® 2018 also includes significant updates to the Door Hardware and Security Access sections. Clearer titles and descriptions of components considered Door Hardware versus Security Access Equipment will help users understand, specify, and classify that information. 
Can I view a list of the changes made? 
Upon release of MasterFormat® 2018, users can visit the Revisions section of the CSI website to view changes made to the standard: Purchasers also receive the MasterFormat® Transition Matrix which lists all changes made in the newest edition of MasterFormat®. 
How do I get my product specified in MasterFormat®? 
MasterFormat® does not contain specifications or specification templates. Additionally, CSI takes steps to avoid proprietary product or company names when assigning MasterFormat® titles. 

When will the next edition of MasterFormat® be available? 

The current plan is to publish a revision to MasterFormat in June 2020.