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Gregory Ceton, CDT

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I am a passionate leader and consensus-builder experienced at facilitating inter-organizational cooperation and driving construction industry technical innovation. I embrace new technology and ways of doing business, crowd-sourced and bottom-up development models, and overcoming resistance to change by working to understand what drives it.

As has often been observed by colleagues with whom I've discussed the slow rate of change in the US construction industry, the real barriers to change and improvement aren't technical or standards-based, they are cultural, process, and legal. I always keep that in mind when directing development of any tools or standards -- how will they interact with the processes into which they will find themselves plunged? How will they mitigate those barriers and help people to see the benefit that will be essential to a change in those tougher obstacles? We have come very far, but there's still a lot left to do.

Key projects and groups I have taken a leadership role in to advance the industry:
- OmniClass
- MasterFormat
- UniFormat
- National BIM Standard US technical subcommittee and consensus process
- ASTM E06.81