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Mr. Joseph Dunphy, CSI-S

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Joseph F Dunphy MBA

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Joseph F Dunphy MBA


NJ Public Adjuster 9022319. Additionally, school- trained in installing audio and electronic devices in cars, trucks and boats for high quality audio and video. Mobile Electronic Certified Professional (MECP) number 269709, basic installer. Interned at a shop for 480 hours, portfolio of pictures and shop notes on various installations. Also FCC licensed as ham radio operator K9MBA, with the highest grade license, Amateur Extra Class, on the amateur side of radio. In addition, hold the commercial FCC license General Radio Operators License (GROL), which permits communication with airplanes, boats, and ships. Member of ArcSquared Radio Club (Fairfield, NJ), which supports Red Cross operations, and actively help in radio support of pre-planned events such as marathons and bike races, and emergency operations, such as Hurricane Sandy.