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Harry Peck

Specification Writer,
Architectural Design Consultants, Inc

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Architectural Design Consultants, Inc


Building Information Management: Originated by Specification Writers long before computers knew what BIM was.

My profession of over 3 decades is Construction Specifier. I am responsible for assembling all the documents contained in a Project Manual; the documents that establish the "rules" during bidding; set the General Requirements of Construction; and most important, the Technical Specifications that establish the quality of materials and workmanship.

Technical Specifications I have most experience in preparing are for architecture, structural, interior design and civil/site engineering, disciplines. For continuity and consistency of documents in the Project Manual, I collaborate with fire protection, plumbing, HVAC and electrical engineering disciplines for preparation of their specifications. Certain renovation projects may require collaboration with specialty consultants to include reports by for soils, hazardous material remediation and such information.

By my experience of preparation of General Requirements of Construction, at times I have been assigned the task of receiving submittals, request for interpretation (RFI) or similar documentation and direct these documents to appropriate members of the design professional team for review and resolution.

Other tasks I have been assigned is to assist Project Architects or Managers in the form of a "back up" should their schedule require assistance.

I have gained Facility Management experience through volunteer work. My knowledge of building materials, the construction systems, I developed the capability of evaluating existing building conditions and have helped facilitate resolution of building problems. This was my service through the Methodist Union of Detroit.