CSI Structure Change


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New Dues Structure and Expanded Network for CSI Members on the Way. 

The way members engage is evolving and we are too.   

Providing value to members has always been at the heart of CSI. There are changes underway that will enable CSI to better serve you and which creates a pathway for all members to expand their networks. The changes improve the value of your membership.

What is Changing?  

Beginning on July 1, 2022 (the new fiscal year for the association), CSI will transition to a new, single dues structure that creates a “home” Chapter and which expands networking opportunities for every member.   

The changes will make Chapter affiliation easier to navigate and understand.  Also, the way CSI Chapters, Regions, and National (“components”) are aligned will evolve to improve the way we all, collectively, serve you, the member.  

Why are We Changing? 

As an organization, CSI knows the local, in-person networking experience is highly valued by members. However, the way people engage with their organizations is changing and CSI leaders heard and experienced that there were disconnects and inefficiencies with CSI that got in the way of providing value to members.  

So, a group of your CSI Chapter and Region leaders, through their work on the Component Value Task Force (CVTF), were brought together to explore one question:  

“What is the optimal alignment between Chapters, Regions, and the National organization that enables CSI to provide maximum membership value?”   

They reached the following conclusions:   

  • Members highly value the local Chapter experience but find it difficult to navigate the organizational structure.  
  • A simplified, unified structure will make it easier for members to engage with CSI.  
  • Chapter leaders need more support to provide maximum value to members. 

How Does This Help Me? 

For members, this new structure:  

  • Offers a professional home for every member.  
  • Expands your network by offering an open invitation to engage and fully participate with any CSI Chapter at no additional dues cost. Every member will have a network of programming available to them, whether they are traveling, live near another Chapter, or want to participate in a virtual session.  
  • Simplifies the dues system. 
  • Makes it easier to understand the value of CSI membership. Ultimately, this makes it easier for anyone to talk about the value of belonging to potential members.   


What Happens Next? 

First, we encourage you to become familiar with the information provided on this site and join a Virtual Open Office Hour to ask questions or discuss concerns.  

Working with members of the CVTF and the Board of Directors, CSI National has created a comprehensive plan to support this transition. However, we are actively listening. Listening to your questions and concerns and are adjusting as feedback is received.   

Have Questions or Feedback? 

If you would like to ask questions or provide feedback there are a few ways to do so.    




Jan. 28, 2022

Current members receive information related to the transition

May 1, 2022

First invoices deployed for July 2022 Renewals

July 1, 2022

Changes go live