Robert P. Brosseau Award for the Advancement of CSI

Robert P. Brosseau Award for the Advancement of CSI

This award is presented to a CSI member who has been recognized by peers as a leader who takes on a leadership role focusing on education and the training and mentoring of students and emerging professionals.

Past Award Winners

(2023) Jack Philip Morgan, FCSI, CCS®, CCCA®, CDT®
(2020) Michael G. Young, FCSI, CCCA; Susan Bliss, CSI, CCS, CCCA, CDT; Jon Lattin, CSI, CDT, CCPR
(2019) Dean M. Bortz, CSI, CCPR, CDT; Scott Warren Sider, CSI, CCS, CCCA, CDT
(2018) Shane David, CSI, CDT
(2017) Gary T. Bergeron, CSI; Charles Thompson, CSI, CCS
(2015) Anne Marie Roeper, FCSI, CCPR

(2013) James W. Lail, Jr., FCSI
(2012) Jon Rao Papke, CSI, CCS
(2011) Doyle Phillips, CSI, CCCA
(2010) R. Michelle Christen, FCSI, CCCA
(2007) Robert Simmons, FCSI, Lifetime Member, CCPR
(2006) Peter A. Baker, CSI, CCPR
(2005) Robert P. Saumur, FCSI, CCPR
(2004) Alana Sunness Griffith, FCSI, CCPR
(2003) Michael M. Davis, FCSI, CDT
(2002) Caey F. Robb, FCSI, CCPR
(2000) Andrew J. Drozda, CSI
(1999) Robert W. Holstein, FCSI
(1998) Donna A. Robb, CSI
(1996) Thomas L. Clare, Jr., CSI, CCPR

Award winners are listed by fiscal year. 


Robert P. Brosseau, FCSI, was a member of the Baltimore Chapter, joining in 1967. Brosseau was greatly interested in continuing education within the construction industry. He was instrumental in establishing such a program at Catonsville Community College (Maryland), to provide courses sponsored and staffed by the Baltimore Chapter. He was always concerned with enhancing the position of CSI in the construction industry.