The Certified Construction Product Representative (CCPRTM) exam designation has changed to bring more value to the profession and boost job potential and marketability for those who become certified.

A Certified Construction Product Representative (CCPRTM), must pass both the CDT® and CCPRTM exams. This demonstrates you have foundational knowledge about the project delivery process, team members’ roles, and construction documents AND specialty expertise in your role and responsibilities as a product representative.

Earning this combination of certifications will immediately establish your credibility with specifiers. They will know you have what it takes to get the job done right. 

Earning a dual certification will:

  • Increase your earning potential
  • Differentiate you from your peers
  • Position you as a trusted advisor
  • Elevate your profession

Why is CDT® a prerequisite for the CCPRTM? 

In a CSI survey of construction product/manufacturer representatives conducted in Fall 2020, the findings concluded the CDT® exam contained knowledge vital to the role of someone at the level of a CCPRTM. The CDT® provides foundational knowledge about the project delivery process, team members’ roles, and construction documents – all critical intel for a product representative. The CCPRTM validates your specialty expertise by going deeper into the roles and responsibilities of a product representative while also emphasizing the importance of professional development and relationship building.

Current knowledge domains and content in the CCPRTM exam reflect how product representatives conduct business in today’s marketplace. The exam is shorter, reducing overlap with the CDT® exam. It consists of 70 questions focused on these knowledge domains: 

Effective 2021
Professional Development & Relationship Building 13%
Pre-Design 30%
Design Phase 25%
Procurement 15%
Construction 17%

What about recertification?

All CSI certifications require maintenance every 3 years in order to continue using the designations after one’s name. Certificants who have passed both CDT and CCPR may decide to: 

  • maintain both credentials. CCPRs who maintain their CDT may use both the CCPR and CDT designations. 

  • maintain only the CCPR. CCPRs who do not maintain their CDT may use only the CCPR designation. 

 Group Registration: If your organization has 10 or more certification applicants, please contact Themica McBee at for group registration and pricing.

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4 Easy Steps to
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