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Thank You for Your Service: T.J. Gottwalt On His Service to CSI

By T.J. Gottwalt, FCSI, CCPR, CDT, AHC, CDC posted 08-24-2021 11:23 AM


CSI thanks T.J. Gottwalt for his contributions to the association as a member of the Board of Directors from the SE Region. T.J. shares why it was important for him to “give back” to CSI, the significance of certification programs, and the potential for technology in construction.

Why was it important for you to serve on the CSI Board? 

I feel very strongly that CSI has had a very positive influence on my career, and within the industry that I’ve worked in my entire career. I wanted to serve on the CSI Board as a way to give back to CSI, even in some small way, for all the education, certifications, and opportunities it has garnered me.

What benefit to the association are you proudest of during your time as a board member?

I am proudest of the emphasis I helped to place on the certification programs, and for pushing hard to see the programs reinstated after the pause they experienced to get them sorted out and updated.

How did being a member of the CSI community help you through the COVID-19 pandemic, and how did you see it benefit other members?

Being a member of the CSI community helped me to stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through webinars, Zoom meetings, and continuing education sessions sponsored by the local chapter, CSI continued to add value to my membership and helped me stay current and “ahead of the curve” through these trying times.

What do you see as the biggest opportunities for CSI going forward?

I see the biggest opportunities for CSI is in the realm of technology in construction industry. Specifications are changing from the written documents of the past, to interconnected data that transcends any given project. Our ability to connect the data points represented by building products to the applications required in the design and construction processes will determine our success. Getting the word out and marketing these abilities continues to be our greatest challenge. Also, our ability to connect members of the building team remains one of our greatest strengths and opportunities.




Thank you for your service. You were a excellent advocate for CSI, and you brought great energy to the role.

11-02-2021 01:22 PM

Congratulations, TJ! You're an amazing asset to the industry and I'm proud to be of the Allegion team with you. Wishing you all the best - good health and continued success...

TJ, you never took a backseat during your tenure on the Board but posed thought-provoking questions about issues of import during our meetings which sparked those conversations that board members needed to have. I thank you for your service and support of CSI and appreciate the time we spent together.

T.J.,  Thank you for your willingness to serve and be a voice for the membership. Thank you also for being willing to challenge the status quo, push for certification improvements. Thank you so much.