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CSI Community—3 Ways Construction Pros Deal with the Challenges of COVID-19

By Peter Kray posted 04-01-2020 14:01


In an open letter to CSI members and construction industry professionals posted last week, CSI Board Chair Ellen Kay Crews, FCSI, CCS, CCCA, CDT, SFP, FMP stated, “It’s often been said that the single most important element of CSI is its people—you, and this network of friends and colleagues across the country that contribute to each other’s personal and professional success. Please understand our community is something you count on now more than ever.

One of the real-time resources she called out in that letter is the CSI Connect Community Page. Here are some of the timely conversations CSI members are having about the impact of COVID-19 on their profession, and their personal lives.


Supporting Community

On a personal level, I talk to people who are anxious or afraid. CSI members can help in many small ways. The public is getting poor information from social media, and simple, honest talk is contagious.

To soften the anger/rage in a long line outside a grocery store, we started a group discussion on what recipes we can share that make good leftovers. The people actually were laughing and smiling 30 minutes later when we finally got into the store!
David Koons CSI, CCS, CDT, LEED AP

Social Distancing and Communication Platforms

Since I am in a lockdown, I have been utilizing technology to stay in touch and conduct business. There are many platforms that can accommodate this, but I have been using Zoom successfully.


I had a Zoom meeting with one of my ‘Trusted Advisors’ yesterday, conducted Chapter business with it, and last night conducted our last CDT class via Zoom. It went very well allowing me to share my screen and have an open discussion. I even administered a sample quiz.
Mitch Miller FCSI, CCS, CDT, AIA, SCIP 

Opportunities for Connecting

The Indianapolis Chapter CSI held their first CDT Prep Class last week using Microsoft Teams. Three different instructors took turns reviewing Knowledge Areas in Domains One and Two.  We were able to take a three-question quiz for each Domain using ‘Poll-It.’ We are in preparation for our second class this Tuesday. Everyone is connecting remotely and we have 12 students connecting electronically from around the State of Indiana.

Although not as strong as face-to-face encounters, given the COVIC-19 Pandemic, this will work for now. 

I invite others to share their experiences working from home and any CSI activities that they are doing.

Stay safe!
Jack P. Morgan, AIA, FCSI, CDT, CCS, CCCA, 

LEED Green Associate, NCARB, SCIP


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