Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Your health and safety are our top concern.

(Updated 6-30-2020)

New Resource: COVID-19 Response Team

The COVID-19 Response Team is a public community moderated by members of the College of Fellows. Many Fellows have navigated economic downturns and natural disasters throughout their career and are available to offer their experience and expertise one-on-one or in groups via CSI's online community.

Click here for access to the public community. 

You are encouraged to participate by posting your questions, concerns, or comments regarding the impact of this pandemic on the industry. Expect direct responses to your posts within 48 hours and continue the conversation by replying to others.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Lisa Sidletsky at


Region and chapter events are produced independently and locally. Please contact region or chapter leadership if you have questions. Region and chapter contact listings may be found here.

(Updated 3-27-2020)

CSI is following the evolving situation to evaluate and communicate potential impacts on members and the AEC community.

Your Professional Community and COVID-19
Message from the CSI Board Chair

It’s often been said that the single most important element of CSI is its people—you, and this network of friends and colleagues across the country that contribute to each other’s personal and professional success. Please understand our community is something you can count on now more than ever.

As we all wonder what comes next and how we will find our way forward, I assure you that the deep ties and genuine friendships within the construction industry community are available as a resource on any issue. It is increasingly clear that while we are more connected through technology, we can still feel more isolated and distant from each other while facing the virus’ impact on our daily lives and the economy.

We have all seen how quickly our routines have been disrupted by worries about our friends, families, and livelihood while trying to work with everyone—parents, children, pets—all craving our attention. During such chaotic change, work and daily life still move on as we collectively plan and work for a better future.

Part of being in an association is that you have a national network to help you process ideas about how to handle pressing issues, seek answers about how to adapt during rapidly evolving circumstances and, should you need it, a shoulder to lean on. In the coming weeks and months, we’re going to need one another as we settle into the new normal—whatever that may be.

Whether it’s business as usual or you are facing something brand new, or maybe you are feeling out there on your own, please use the real-time resource of the CSI Connect Community Page to pose your questions and support one another by offering your wisdom, expertise, and insights.

Rest assured that we, your volunteer and staff leadership, are looking at additional ways to help you navigate these rough waters. While connecting to the community isn’t the only step, it is an important first step, so please use it.

CSI was created by construction industry professionals for the benefit of construction industry professionals, and every day we welcome the opportunity to support you and the entire AEC industry. We’ll do our part to be here for you and keep you connected.
Be well, stay safe, and on behalf of CSI, thank you for letting us serve you.


Ellen Kay Crews, FCSI, CCS, CCCA, CDT, SFP, FMP
Board Chair, Construction Specifications Institute

CSI's Top Tips for Working From Home (Updated 3-23-2020)
COVID-19 has had an immediate impact on how all of us live and work. As we adjust to new standards for ensuring our own health, as well as the health of our personal and professional community, working virtually, or “Working from Home” (WFH), has become a critical element for maximizing our business opportunities while minimizing our exposure risk. 

Click here for a blog with tips from CSI staff on working from home. 

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