Technical Resources

We have all the documentation you need to implement the Crosswalk API in your software or project system. Review our technical resources below, and reach out to the Crosswalk team for more information or additional support.

Developer Toolset

Access technical documentation and testing platforms to integrate Crosswalk into your current systems, including Postman and GitHub.

Postman Testing Platform

We recommend the Postman application for testing access and functionality of the API. If you are unfamiliar, visit the Postman website to learn more.

We have prepared a Postman collection to demonstrate various API function calls.

Download the Postman collection here.

To use the collection, use the “Import” feature within the app. Once imported, you must create a collection or environment variables that match the following:

url base =
version = v3
subscription key = [Enter your key]


Links to SDKs, instructions for use, and example code

Learn More >


Our Getting Started Section has a walk-through of Crosswalk.

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Explore the API

Explore different REST or GraphQL queries here, to quickly access the information you need.

  1. Select Authorize below

  2. Enter your authorization key 

  3. Get exploring!

Recent API Updates:

V3.1 03/02/2021

API Changes:

  • Added missing crosswalks for Standards through parents
  • Added missing crosswalks for Standards through versions

V3 11/17/2020

API Changes:

  • MasterFormat 2020 Added
  • Performance improvements though memory management and threading optimizations
  • Classification Children no longer show obsolete versions
  • Added fields for Standards and Classifications in REST queries
  • Will not error on missing results, only return empty results


  • If you are using the NuGet package update to the latest version.
  • If you are using the NPM package update to the latest version.
  • If you are using a custom implementation change the version to v3.