Licensing CSI Standards


Access MasterFormat®, UniFormat®, and OmniClass® via Crosswalk – an API built for the AEC community.

What Crosswalk® Offers

With Crosswalk, you unlock the ability to integrate essential building and design standards directly into your project workflows.

  • Access best-in-class “crosswalks” between MasterFormat, MasterFormat 1995, UniFormat, OmniClass, and ASTM E1557 or “UniFormat II” via API
  • Resources, technical documentation, and virtual onboarding are provided to support your team’s implementation of Crosswalk
  • Digitally transform your organization, save time and resources, and replace paper, PDFs, and spreadsheets with Crosswalk access

License CSI Standards

Built to offer a fast, flexible solution for accessing building and design standards, your Crosswalk® license includes sublicenses for CSI standards MasterFormat®, UniFormat®, or OmniClass®.

  • Crosswalk® provides a packaged license of CSI standards for commercial and derivative use
  • With your Crosswalk® license, you have access to all CSI standards and versions, to support your project end-to-end
  • Commercial use of MasterFormat®, UniFormat®, and OmniClass® requires a current license, please contact the Crosswalk team directly with any questions regarding your usage

Delivered by API

The Crosswalk API (application programming interface) integrates into your software, product, or internal systems to simply your specification searches, provide “crosswalks” to re-classify your construction data, update your cost codes or historical data, and more.

  • REST and GraphQL endpoints provided, with XML or JSON formatting
  • Software Development Kits (SDKs) available in C# and NodeJS
  • Authorize users to access the API via keys to integrate into your software or project workflows
  • Explore documentation and resources for integrating the Crosswalk API