Explore the API

Crosswalk is an application programming interface (API), and connects to your software, internal system, or project tech stack. Through the API, Crosswalk allows you to search and re-classify or “crosswalk” specifications between standards. APIs offer a stable, flexible way to bridge between your project workflows and our library of standards.

Understanding Crosswalk

Getting Started

A technical walkthrough of the basics of the Crosswalk API


A walkthrough of querying the Crosswalk API for information on Standards

Classifications, Crosswalks, and Searching

A technical walkthrough of how to request information about Classifications and Crosswalks, and how to search for Classifications.

Versions of Standards and Classifications

A technical walkthrough of how to request specific versions of Standards and Classifications

How does an API work?

Crosswalk functions behind the scenes, whether you are using Crosswalk for your internal project systems or to augment your construction software product. Crosswalk integrates seamlessly into your current tech stack. We have comprehensive documentation for your developers or IT team to integrate the API, and offer onboarding support.


Use the Crosswalk chatbot to test specification searches and “crosswalks” between standards.

To use the chatbot, enter a MasterFormat name or number, and view the “crosswalks” to MasterFormat 1995, OmniClass, and UniFormat. Limited to 3 searches. Say “hello” or “lookup” to start!