From decades of construction industry leadership and developing best-in-class building standards, the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) created Crosswalk® as a digital solution for the AEC community. Through an enterprise-grade API, Crosswalk seamlessly integrates into your construction software to deliver building and design standards directly into your project workflows. Crosswalk was developed to further digital innovation in the construction industry, enhance delivery of essential standards, and streamline project management.

Use Crosswalk to:

  • Instantly translate between standards such as MasterFormat, UniFormat, OmniClass, and ASTM-E1557
  • Deliver standards directly into your project system to manage specifications, classifications, and estimates
  • Update specifications from earlier versions to current version of MasterFormat
  • Implement industry standards and standardize project workflows across phases of development

Explore industry Use Cases to learn how Crosswalk partners save time, reduce errors, and improve client deliverables by upgrading to Crosswalk.

CSI Advantage

CSI is North America’s non-profit association dedicated to the advancement of the construction industry. For decades, CSI has created and maintained industry-leading standards, professional development opportunities, and educational resources for construction professionals. Crosswalk is the first digital delivery of building and design standards produced by CSI – ensuring Crosswalk is the most current, advanced version of the MasterFormat, UniFormat, and OmniClass standards available. Building on CSI’s mission, Crosswalk carries the CSI legacy forward into digital transformation and innovation. 

Since 1948, CSI has been the gold standard for building standards – paving the way for improved project management and safer, more efficient builds. An early version of MasterFormat was first created in the 1960’s and has since gone through periodic updates and expansions. Due to its widespread adoption, the MasterFormat 1995 version can still be found in use to this day. For decades, updating specifications to new versions of CSI standards has involved transition matrices and spreadsheets. Crosswalk advances digital transformation of the construction industry by making CSI standards available digitally, improving access to and translation between standards. The result is a construction tech tool that helps reduce project friction and errors, save time and resources, and allow for more efficient and safer builds.

Future Development

Crosswalk is at the forefront of construction technology innovation. The flexibility and stability of the Crosswalk API enables robust development and myriad applications throughout the construction industry. With a focus on advancing digital innovation, strengthening end user products, and supporting safer builds, our roadmap includes:

Via the Crosswalk API, connect to decades of building standards and classifications.
IT System Integrations
Partner with our development team to create customized solutions for your end user software product or internal project management.
For the first time, instantly cross-reference between all versions of MasterFormat, UniFormat, and OmniClass with best-in-class digital “crosswalks.”
Internet of Things (Future Development)
Analyze and operationalize analytics from sensor data to drive additional intelligence into software tools and services.
AI-Enabled Augmented Design (Future Development)
Artificial intelligence (AI) will deploy machine learning techniques to to create software wizards, crowdsourcing, and reference data.
Blockchain-Enabled Trust and Transparency (Future Development)
Implement a distributed, immutable blockchain-based ledger for confidentiality, version control, chain-of-custody, and payment services.