ConsensusDocs Prefabrication/Off-Site Construction Addendum Working Group member

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Signup Deadline: 02-28-2019
Starts: 03-08-2019
Ends: 01-31-2020
Location: Online Opportunity


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Be at the forefront of off-site prefabricated construction and help create the FIRST standard prefabricated construction contract document! 

CSI is a member of ConsensusDocs® ,a coalition of associations representing diverse interests in the construction industry that collaboratively develops and promotes standard form construction contract documents that advance the construction process. 

ConsensusDocs is convening a Prefabrication/Off-site Construction Addendum working group to develop a standard prefabricated construction contract document.

The use of off-site prefabricated construction has risen and will continue to increase in the construction industry. Some factors that have driven the increase include the workforce shortages, safety, schedule efficiency, potential costs savings, and a potential increase in quality. This trend is facilitated by the increased use of BIM, more collaborative project delivery methods, and growing number and capabilities of companies producing prefabricated assemblies. However, like any new development in construction, but perhaps especially so with prefabrication, the contracting approach and potential legal interpretations need to change to suit this method of delivery. Significantly, the potential application of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) as adopted in the various states may dramatically impact how construction contracts are interpreted.

Great care is needed in crafting and administrating a contract on a project employing prefabrication. Significantly, the construction perspective in navigating this has not be fleshed out by industry practice. An industry standard document to address this issue from a consensus best practice perspective is needed, especially to support the need for early planning to effectively use prefabrication in a project

Deliverables: The working group will explore the best contractual approach, but the initial focus will be at the prime level to create the appropriate contract document (either an addendum or stand-alone agreement) to procure prefabricated elements as part of a construction project. The outcome will be the construction industry’s first standard contract document/s to address contracting for prefabricated construction.

Composition of group:
The working group will consist of members from the construction, design, and legal communities, and the CSI member will be expected to provide technical input and consistent with CSI principles.

Term of service: Until work on documents is completed, currently estimated at one year.

Time commitment: Monthly GoToMeeting web conferences hosted by ConsensusDocs staff. Estimated time load for work is two hours per month.

Who should apply? CSI members with design or specifications background, legal training or experience with use of standard contract documents will be preferred, but not mandatory. CSI certification holders will be given preference.

Volunteers Needed:

1 (0 open slots)

Experience Required:

4 - 6 Years Industry Experience


Catherine Fry, CAE
Director, Volunteer and Component Relations

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