Dynamic Chapter Program - Fabulous Fall Meetings Co-Creator Team

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Signup Deadline: 07-12-2019
Starts: 07-13-2019
Ends: 08-26-2019
Location: Online Opportunity


Join the new Dynamic Chapter Program Co-Creator Team to help CSI Chapters across the country boost their attendance and get new members with ease.

Back-to-school time is about new beginnings – even when you’ve long graduated from school! As a result, fall is one of the best times to attract new members and volunteers to your chapter.

We want to create an idea collection - a cookbook of potential meeting ideas - to help chapter leaders plan dynamic meetings with less work.

Be part of the CSI Co-Creator DCP team. Join marketing expert, Cynthia D’Amour, to use the Dynamic Chapter Program (DCP) approach to generate new meeting ideas and promotions for all leaders to use.

(DCP participants often find their meeting attendances soaring – with some even doubling – simply using Cynthia’s four-part approach to promotions.)

What is your involvement as a member of the DCP Co-Creator team?

You sign up for the Fabulous Fall program. (We encourage you to sign up as a chapter team including your communications folks.)

You learn the DCP approach - if it is new to you.

  • Cynthia has how-to videos and live group coaching sessions to help you become a master at irresistible meetings!
  • And former DCPers are encouraged to participate!

As a DCP co-creater, you commit to plan at least one of your chapter’s fall meetings and the promotions using the DCP approach.

If you want to maximize your ROI on fall sign up potential to grow your chapter with ease, you’ll want to have your entire fall planned and ready to promote by Labor Day.

(Cynthia will do some training about how to use a full fall promotion to make people eager to show up and get involved.)

You (or your chapter team) turn in your meeting promotion to be part of the fall meetings cookbook of ideas before the program is over.

All the completed promotions and meeting ideas are made available to leaders to help even the most stressed out leader be able to plan and promote a meeting to get them some relief this fall.

CSI becomes the organization of choice across the country due to the fabulous value people get every time they show up.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for the DCP Co-Creation team. (Every team member must sign themselves up.)
  2. Learn the DCP way if you are new to the DCP approach – short videos available.
  3. Participate in the optional group coaching sessions to help you hone your skills and make designing your meetings more fun.

    Dates for optional group sessions to make this easier for you to do: 
  • Kick off and Session #1: July 9th at 3 PM ET
  • Session #2: July 24th at 3 PM ET
  • Session #3: August 6th at 3 PM ET
  • Session #4: August 21st at 3 PM ET
  1. Turn in your created promotion(s) by August 23rd.

    Your commitment for your chapter is to provide at least ONE DCP-style meeting promotion for the compilation.

If you design 3-4 meetings, you can turn in a full-page promotion for the compilation.

Make a difference for your chapter – and help chapter leaders across the country. Join the DCP Co-Creation Team today.

Volunteers Needed:

35 (15 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary


Catherine Fry, CAE