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Rob Bramon, PE, CSI

Technical Consultant,
Burns & McDonnell

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Burns & McDonnell


I am professional engineer licensed in Indiana, Maine, Missouri and Ohio. I have had over 18 years working in a large AEC firm. In my tenure, I have been primarily working in the power delivery sector focused on improving the quality of our electric grid that we, as a country, rely on heavily. Luckily in my role, I have created, managed, and overseen specification development and execution across a multitude of project delivery methods.  

Our firm, and collectively the construction industry, continues to see rapid changes. I joined CSI in 2023 as I recognize that navigating these changes have became a passion of mine. I think that we are facing a challenge where construction, design professionals and technology are intertwining like never before. I am excited for that change, but at the same time I have concern that we, as an industry, are losing the built up knowledge we’ve had passed down from us through generations. I think it’s critical for us to equip our design professionals to understand the processes and the people it goes into constructing a project. I believe CSI encompasses that belief. I hope, by joining CSI, that I can contribute to creating a bright future for the construction industry!