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Phillip McDade, FCSI, Distinguished Member, CCS, CDT, FASLA

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I'm a seasoned Landscape Architect with over 37 years of practice, having participated on cutting edge designs, and seen the results of those designs benefit human beings and our natural environment.

As a partner in Weatherford/ McDade, Ltd., I oversaw and produced technically correct contract documents, which helped our clients develop sites and elements with beauty, durability, and ease of maintenance. I believe clear, concise, correct and complete documents contribute to the success of any project, both in terms of cost and time saved, and in the satisfaction and comfort of clients. I entered semi-retirement in 2018 and continue practice landscape architecture on a limited basis.

In my second career, I am a Distinguished Toastmaster public speaker, trainer, and seminar leader. I specialize in human relationships in the workplace and at home, and the power of strong communication skills in those realms. As an experienced volunteer leader and mentor, I also present on leadership and the skills good leaders need. I believe in the power of volunteer organizations to find and create strong leaders, who can lead their organizations, as well as their workplace.