Project Delivery Practice Guide

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Project Delivery Practice Guide

The Construction Specifications Institute’s Project Delivery Practice Guide (PDPG) Second Edition

As an aid to exam preparation, the PDPG provides a conceptual understanding of the entire construction process. It also addresses skills that can be applied immediately in construction documentation development and administration, specification writing and use, product research and selection, and an understanding of the roles of the entire project team, aiding communication and increasing your confidence.

In this new edition, content has been updated to improve readability, understanding and retention, but there have not been any substantial changes to exam questions.

The Guide incorporates content that aligns with current industry practices, including:

  • A more detailed discussion of the construction process split into three chapters: Preconstruction, Construction, and Closeout
  • Updated and rearranged project delivery methods and their relative current rates of use
  • Restructured discussion of procurement options and basis of payment
  • Increased content on facility life cycle and operations
  • Project Delivery Practice Guide Second Edition Errata

How to order?

Shop the CSI Store. The cost is $99 for CSI members and $129 for nonmembers.

The package includes the hard copy book, an electronic version (PDF), and supplemental resources needed for exam preparation (PDF downloads available in the downloadable products section of your account). 

If you are interested in a bulk order, please contact CSI member services at (800) 689-2900 (Mon-Fri 8AM-8PM EST). Bulk discounts are available for orders over 25 copies.