CDT® Overview 

The Construction Documents Technology (CDT
®certification provides a comprehensive program of study for anyone seeking to enhance and demonstrate knowledge of writing, interpreting, enforcing and managing construction documents.

Who should sit for the

Project architects, contractors, contract administrators, material suppliers, and manufacturers' representatives are all realizing the advantages of being Construction Documents Technologists. 

What does it mean for me?

Pass the Construction Documents Technolog
y exam (CDT®), and you'll join an elite group of professionals known in the industry for their comprehensive knowledge of the writing and management of construction documents. 

Earning your CDT® means: 
  • Adding "CDT" after your name, to your LinkedIn, business card and your resume — and proudly sharing your CDT digital badge.
  • Respect from your peers as a result of your understanding of how a project unfolds from concept to delivery and the roles and relationships of all participants.  
  • Understanding the documentation involved – which drives effective communication among all members of the construction team

High school diploma or equivalent. 
Two (2) years’ experience in construction management and/or completion of college-level coursework is highly recommended.

Group Registration: If your organization has 10 or more certification applicants, please contact Themica McBee at for group registration and pricing.

Spring 2021 Exam Cycle
Registration: February 17 - May 14, 2021
Exam Window: May 3 - June 4, 2021

Dates Member Non-Member
Early Registration 2/17 - 3/10 $375 $625
Standard Registration 3/11 - 4/18 $460 $795
Final Registration 4/19 - 5/14 $545 $935
(CDT® only)
All dates $165
Exam Window May 3 - June 4, 2021

Registration cost does not include prep materials, courses, practice guides, or the AIA A-201 or EJCDC C-700 exam source materials, which may be purchased separately. For bulk rate pricing and registration, please contact Themica McBee, Membership Manager at

CDT Knowledge Domains

Domain 1: Fundamentals (12%) 1A – Job roles and responsibilities of the four project teams
1B – Stages of facility life cycle with associated activities and documents
1C – Written formats
1D – Graphic formats
1E – Legal implications of contract documents
1F – Sustainable design and construction
Domain 2: Project Conception and Delivery (10%) 2A – Programming, planning, and pre-design
2B – Feasibility and impact studies and facility evaluations
2C – Project budget
2D – Insurance
2E – Project scheduling
2F – Site selection activities and purposes
2G – Planning for commissioning
2H – Delivery Methods
2I – Team selection process
2J – Design and construction services
Domain 3: Design Process (12%) 3A – Schematic design documentation
3B – Design development documentation
3C – Design objectives and constraints
3D – Cost estimates and estimating techniques used during design phase
3E – Life cycle costs and value analysis
3F – Procedures to control project variables
3G – Quality assurance/quality control requirements
3H – Documentation of decision-making process
3I – Product evaluation and selection
3J – Building Information Modeling – BIM
Domain 4: Construction Documents (28%) 4A – Drawings
4B – Methods of specifying
4C – MasterFormat®
4D – SectionFormat®
4E – PageFormat®
4F – Specification language
4G – Project Manual: Division 00—Procurement requirements
4H – Project Manual: Division 00—Contracting requirements and forms
4I – Project Manual: Division 01—General requirements
4J – Project Manual: Divisions 02-49—Specifications
4K – Hierarchy of general, administrative, and procedural requirements
4L – Warranties
4M – Document coordination
Domain 5: Procurement (10%) 5A – Competitive Bidding Process
5B – Addenda
5C – Subcontracting
5D – Direct Negotiating Process
5E – Controlling Variables
5F – Procurement Options
5G – Basis of Payment
5H – Pricing
5I – Purchasing
5J – Availability of Procurement Documents
Domain 6: Preconstruction (6%) 6A – Notice to proceed, letter of intent to award, or executed agreement
6B – Contract documents
6C – Preconstruction submittals
6D – Permits and regulatory issues
6E – Preconstruction meetings
6F – Verification of site conditions
6G – Mobilization
6H – Establishing a field office
Domain 7: Construction (16%) 7A – Executing the work
7B – Meetings and meeting documentation
7C – Submittals
7D – Site visits, observations, inspections, and stopping the work
7E – Quality assurance/quality control implementation
7F – Contract interpretations and modifications
7G – Measurement and payment
7H – Claims and disputes
7I – Project closeout
7J – Role and responsibilities of facility manager during project closeout
7K – Commissioning activities
Domain 8: Lifecycle Activities (6%) 8A – Facilities operation and maintenance
8B – Resource materials
8C – Facility evaluations
8D – Decommissioning
4 Easy Steps to
Certification renewal

_1.png Login to CSIResources
_2.png Click on "My Certifications" under "Certification" in the Main Menu
_3.png Input any continuing ed information & upload any supporting documents.
_4.png Complete the renewal process & pay the renewal fee.