MSR Terms June 2021

MSR Terms

MSR Terms 

  • All CSI policies, including the Antitrust Compliance Policy, are applicable to this meeting. 
  • Face masks will be required to be worn during the event. CSI will provide one face mask per person or participants may supply their own. 
  • CSI does not guarantee the security of the meeting areas, exhibit areas, or any other premises on which MSR takes place, nor of the security of any materials from observation or theft by others. 


  • Applicants agree to fully participate in the MSR including all group meals and assigned meetings. 
  • Applicants agree to have the information from their application published and distributed to all participants prior to, during, and after the event by printed and electronic means. 
  • Applicants agree that CSI may use their name, company affiliation, and photo to promote the MSR. 
  • CSI reserves the right to review all applications and make the sole decision regarding participation at the event.  
  • Applicants who are initially selected to attend will be required to sign a brief agreement outlining CSI's and the applicant's obligations for participation PRIOR to issuance of final attendance confirmation. 
  • CSI may not be able to accept all applications due to space limitations and/or attendee qualifications. 
  • CSI bears no liability for applicants that cannot be accommodated. 


Applicants acknowledge that MSR events are for registered participants only. Spouses/guests are welcome to accompany participants to the hotel at their own expense, but cannot attend any MSR events including meal functions. 

Specifier Cancellation Policy 

In the event you are unable to attend the MSR, you agree to notify CSI immediately. (Please contact Mary Sanchez-QuiggCSI Meetings, at or 703-623-7304.) Reimbursement for airfare, mileage or other MSR-related expenses is forfeited.