CSI's Honors and Awards Program recognizes the talent, achievements, and notable contributions to the construction industry that support the mission of CSI. Participating in the Honors and Awards Program is a great way to let members and others in your community know they are appreciated and valued.

Begin by looking at your chapter members and others in your community or region who have made a difference in the construction industry and have supported the mission of CSI. Look for people, firms, and organizations that are advancing building information management and education of project teams to improve facility performance.

Nominations for the Honors and Awards Program are Open! The deadline for submissions is June 15, 2020.

Fellows of the Institute are chosen by their peers. Nominees must maintain membership for no less than five years and have notably contributed to the advancement of construction technology, the improvement of construction specifications, education, or by service to the Institute.

Distinguished Service Award:

“Distinguished Service” is defined as notable and significant contributions at the Chapter, Region, or Institute level that have furthered the mission of CSI, its standing in the industry, or its image to the public. 

Robert P. Brosseau Award for the Advancement of CSI: 
This award recognizes CSI members who have been recognized by peers as leaders focused on education and the training and mentoring of students and emerging professionals.

Norman Hunter Award for Innovative Allied Organization Cooperation:

This award is presented to a CSI Member, Chapter, Region, or Group recognized by their peers for bringing multiple construction organizations together for a single goal or event.

Hans William Meier Award for Innovation of Certification Programs

This award is presented to a CSI member or team recognized by their peers as providing innovations in certification preparation and training methods or procedures.

 Ben John Small Technical Writing Award:

This award is presented to a CSI Member recognized by their peers as an outstanding technical writer and/or expert in their field.

Outstanding Contribution Award (Due July 13, 2020): 
This award is presented to a CSI Member, Chapter, Region, or Group that has made commendable contributions that furthers the influence of CSI in the local construction industry, increases the visibility of CSI in the local construction industry, or provides a value-added service to the Chapter, Region, or Institute.

Organizational Certificate of Appreciation:

This award is presented to a firm, organization, or association who, in the opinion of their peers, has provided one of the following: Exceptional accomplishments that bring CSI (at the Chapter, Region or Institute levels) to the forefront of the construction industry in their respective arenas; or promotes one of tenants of CSI – Education, Certification, or Development of Technology to benefit the construction industry; or working with the local Chapter, Region, or Institute to assist with their operations that provide a value-added service.

Communication Award:
This award is presented to a Chapter, Region, or Organization which has implemented a comprehensive communications program, inclusive of multiple types of communications programs.


Outstanding Chapter Commendations

Presented to a chartered chapter that meets the designated prerequisite core and supplemental criteria.

Innovation in Construction Award
This award is presented to an individual or team who, in the opinion of their peers innovatively developed or discovered new uses for materials, methods, technology, or project delivery systems.

Technical Document Award
This award is presented to an individual, Chapter, Region or Group for a single outstanding accomplishment in technical writing other than project specifications.

Distinguished & Honorary Membership Award
Distinguished and Honorary Membership is considered to be the most prestigious honors of the Institute. They are conferred on individuals who have performed distinguished services to the construction industry in fields of activity related to the purposes of the Institute.

Andrew J. Drozda Mentorship Award
This award is presented to a CSI member recognized by their peers as a true mentor, one who espouses leading by example, someone recognized throughout the Chapter, Region, and even Institute for their actions and is one who is considered a primary support pillar for others to draw strength from and rely on for a foundation for their own participation.

Environmental Stewardship Award

This award was created to recognize those who have become a “Steward of the Environment” within their City, County, State, or Region. A Steward of the Environment is one who not only espouses but actively and publicly is an environmental practitioner.

CSI Honors/Awards Endorsement Letter Submission
Click here to submit endorsement letters for CSI Honors & Awards, including Distinguished and Honorary Member, and Fellowship. You may upload multiple letters at once, if you have more than one endorsement letter to submit. Endorsement letters may also be mailed directly to the Institute. The NEW CSI Mailing address is: 123 North Pitt Street, Suite 450,
Alexandria, VA 22314.

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