CSI's Honors & Awards Program recognizes the talent, achievements, and notable contributions to the construction industry that support the mission of CSI. Participating in the Honors & Awards Program is a great way to let members and others in your community know they are appreciated and valued.

Begin by looking at your chapter members and others in your community or region that have made a difference in the construction industry and have supported the mission of CSI. Look for people, firms, and organizations that are advancing building information management and education of project teams to improve facility performance.

Questions about CSI's Honors & Awards program?

2018 Honors and Awards Guide

The 2018 Honors & Awards Guide is now available. Download it here.

Submissions Deadlines
Submissions for awards will be due Monday, May 7, 2018 at Midnight Eastern

Submissions for Outstanding Chapter Commendations will be due Monday, July 16, 2018 at Midnight Eastern.

OCC submissions will be accepted through the portal beginning in July.

What’s New This Year?
Communications Awards - The submissions requirements for the Communications Awards have been updated this year. Submissions will be considered in three categories including Continuing Publications, Electronic Communication and Special Publications. More information on each of the categories can be found in the awards guide.

2017 Honor & Award Winners

The Constructions Specifications Institute (CSI) is thrilled to announce that 17 individuals and 10 chapters were honored at CONSTRUCT 2017 & The CSI Annual Convention in Providence, RI. The CSI Honors & Awards Ceremony took take place Thursday, September 14. Preregister for this free event at

Distinguished Membership:
Distinguished Membership:Distinguished Membership is the most prestigious honor of the Institute. It is conferred on individuals who have performed distinguished services to the construction industry in fields of activity related to the purposes of the Institute.

  • Paul R. Bertram, Jr., FCSI, Lifetime Member, CDT
  • James M. Robertson, FCSI, CCS

Fellows of the Institute are chosen by their peers. Nominees must maintain membership for not less than five years and have notably contributed to the advancement of construction technology, the improvement of construction specifications, education, or by service to the Institute.

  • Edmund C. Buch, CSI, CCS
  • Brandilyn B. Fry, CSI, CDT
  • Frank E. Fuller, CSI
  • Thad Goodman, CSI, CDT
  • Timothy J. Gottwalt, CSI, CCPR
  • Marvin Kemp, CSI, CDT
  • Billy J. Mathis, CSI, CDT
  • J.W. Mollohan, CSI, CCPR
  • Daryl G. Robinson, RA, CSI, CCS
  • Anne Marie Roeper, CSI, CCPR

Robert P. Brosseau Award for the Advancement of CSI: 
This award recognizes CSI members who have been recognized by peers as leaders focused on education and the training and mentoring of students and emerging professionals.

  • Gary T. Bergeron, CSI
  • Charles Thompson, CSI, CCS

Outstanding Contribution Award: 
This award recognizes  a CSI member, chapter, region or group that has made commendable contributions to the goals of the Institute.  It recognizes contributions above and beyond those normally performed as part of a chapter, region, or Institute officer, committee or member .

  • William Sundquist, CSI
  • Indianapolis Chapter
  • Greater Lehigh Valley Chapter

Technical Document Award: 
This award recognizes an individual, chapter, region or group for a single outstanding accomplishment in technical writing other than project specifications.

  • Catherine M. Houska, CSI

Communication Award:
This award recognizes a CSI member, chapter, region or group for outstanding effort in the communication of CSI related topics and activities. 

  • Chicago Chapter Newsletter “Change Order”
  • Chicago Chapter Website
  • Daniel Hargreaves, FCSI, CDT
  • Grand Rapids Chapter “Rapid River Ramblings” Newsletter Team
  • Gulf States Region Newsletter “The Gulf States Leader”
  • Knoxville Chapter Newsletter "The Speck" 
  • Little Rock Chapter Newsletter "SpecWork"
  • Mississippi Chapter 50th Anniversary Video Team
  • Phoenix Chapter Website

"Just do it! You deserve it.
You know you 
do. Now show the world
how great you are 
and what CSI has
accomplished through 
your efforts!"
Lane Beougher, FCSI, Lifetime Member,

“It has been an honor to receive three
Institute Awards during my fairly short
tenure with CSI. I now have my 'dream job'
which is a direct result of the people
I have met and the recognition I
have received for my work within CSI.”
Cherise Lakeside, CSI, CDT

"Go for it! You have everything to gain
and nothing to lose. The process and
being selected for an award will
culminate in a great sense of achievement."
William A. (Chip) Hayward, Jr., CSI, CCCA

"Everyone needs to be recognized throughout
their career for good work on behalf
of the Construction Industry."
Peter Baker, CSI, CCPR