Membership FAQs

Can I renew my membership online with a credit card?
Yes. Login to your profile. The option to renew your membership should be at the top of your profile page. Contact CSI at csi@csinet.org or 800-689-2900 for additional assistance.

Do I have to belong to the Institute’s national organization to belong to a chapter?
Yes. All CSI members belong to the national organization. You can join as many chapters as you like in addition to your national membership.

Is my membership transferable?
No. Membership in CSI is non-transferable. Discuss your situation with your chapter leaders – some chapters allow a guest from the member’s company to sit in on a chapter meeting under certain circumstances.

My company paid for my membership. Does that mean my company is a member of CSI?
No. CSI members enroll as individuals. Firms or corporations are not eligible for membership.

Is it a corporate or an individual membership?
Your membership is an individual membership.

When does my membership begin?
Your CSI membership begins on the day in which your enrollment and payment was processed. Example: If CSI received your enrollment form and payment on 4/23/2016, then your membership begins on that day.

How long does my membership last?
Your membership lasts 12 months. You must renew your membership annually. Example: If CSI received your enrollment on 08/09/2016, then your membership is current through 08/31/2017.

Do written specifications come with my membership? 
No. However, your CSI member benefits include generous discounts on CSI standards and formats such as MasterFormat 2016 Update, as well as discounts on numerous resources to assist you in the preparation of specifications, as well as other construction documents.

If I belong to one chapter, can I attend chapter meetings in different locations?
Chapters have varying policies regarding guests at meetings, and most enjoy hosting an occasional guest from another chapter. Use the Chapter Locator to contact another chapter about meeting times, rules for guests, etc.

Can I belong to more than one chapter?
Yes, you can join as many chapters as you like, but you need to declare one as a home chapter. Also, you must join the national organization before joining any chapter.

May I use CSI after my name to be recognized as a CSI member?
Professional members in good standing have the right and privilege to print and otherwise use the initials CSI as a suffix to their name, or the title Member of The Construction Specifications Institute, or both.

Can I use the CSI logo on my website/business card/letterhead?
No, members and companies are not authorized to display the CSI logo. A separate CSI Member Logo is available to be used in such instances. If you use the member logo on your website, it must be associated with a CSI member in good-standing, and must not imply that the company is a CSI member.

Why did I get a membership solicitation when I’m already a member?
Sometimes, regardless of how hard CSI tries, members receive promotional mailings in error.

Before distributing recruitment materials, CSI run lists it has acquired through processes to eliminate duplicate records and CSI member records. At times, if there are any variations from the information CSI has in a member's name or address, a duplicate record is not removed. These variations may be as obvious as a completely different address or as subtle as a slight variation in the name or address.

If you receive an invitation to join in error, please share it with a colleague or client who may benefit from CSI membership.

Which membership classifications are eligible to vote and hold office?
Professional members are eligible to vote and to hold any office in the Institute. Emerging Professional and Student members are not eligible to vote, or to hold elective office in the Institute – a chapter leader may appoint an Emerging Professional or Student member to an office or committee. 

How long can I be an Emerging Professional member?
Emerging Professional memberships last three years. At that time, the member is expected to become a Professional member.

How can I find contact information for other CSI members?
Access the Member Directory to search by name, chapter, location and other filters. CSI members are encouraged to contact one another on a one-on-one basis to discuss their work. CSI members must log in to see the directory. It will become visible in the login box once a member has logged in.


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