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LED Display Technology & Light as an Architectural Material

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When:  Oct 27, 2021 from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM (ET)
Associated with  Akron-Canton
Presented by Solutionz

The top companies in the world seek out technology-native architecture firms to design and build corporate museums, transportation hubs, innovation labs, and brand immersive experience centers that will serve as emotional touchpoints between the company, its culture, and its community. These high-tech built environments often propel their audiences to brush up against the limits of their own comprehension of visualization technology. These modern shrines to technological monumentalism exist to make the experience tangible, art livable, and to create a lasting impression of their brand. Media Architecture is often expressed as a concept of ROX (return on experience). While ROX can be a complex undertaking, with respect to the built environment it's a design intent often executed through compelling, architecturally native uses of technology canvases to allow for impactful and unforgettable storytelling. This is an effort to create a feeling through the use of visualization technology and light as a material, programable to interact or react to the space and its inhabitants, or pre-programmed to extend a centralized brand message. The experiences that were once crafted with glass, granite, stone, and steel can now be written in a different medium: light.



Jillian Tipton
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