Certification FAQs and Policies

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Q. What if I need to reschedule, defer or cancel my exam? 

Please note that candidates who do not request a cancellation or deferral and do not sit for the exam forfeit all fees. Candidates who then wish to sit for the next exam window must submit a new application and fee.

To Reschedule within Current Exam Window:
  1. Reference the fee schedule below.
  2. Contact Prometric via www.prometric.com/csi or 1-800-503-8991 to select your new exam date within the current testing window and to pay any applicable rescheduling fee.  
# of Days Prior to Your Exam Appointment: Prometric Rescheduling Fee:
30 days or more No rescheduling fee
8-29 days $30 paid to Prometric
7 or fewer days Rescheduling not permitted/no refund or credit


 Defer to the Next Exam Window (Log in in the upper righthand of this page!): 

If you have a medical or significant personal emergency, you can consider submitting a request to defer for one cycle. IMPORTANT: You must be logged in before submitting your deferral application. Submit your application to defer by clicking here.

If you have a scheduled appointment with Prometric and if a deferral is approved by CSI, you still must cancel your appointment directly through Prometric via
prometric.com/csi or 1-800-503-8991.   

Deferred exams must be completed within the next testing window. If deferred exam is not taken during that timeframe, no refund is provided, and a new application and registration fee will be required.   

Deferral Fee Schedule

If an emergency deferral is approved: CSI Fee: Prometric Fee:
If registered with no test date $200 CSI member
$275 CSI non-member
$90 Student
$0 due to Prometric
6 - 30 days (or more) days prior to test date  $200 CSI member
$275 CSI non-member
$90 Student
$30 due to Prometric from candidate
a) less than 5 days before test date, or 
b) you fail to appear for a scheduled test ("no show"), or  
c) you are more than thirty (30) minutes late for the scheduled test start time and will be refused admission to test
Deferral not allowed -
Must pay full exam fee for next cycle

To Cancel:  

Review the fee schedule and submit a written request via fax or overnight/priority mail to CSI using the CSI Exam Registration Cancellation Form.

If you have a scheduled Prometric exam, you must cancel it directly through Prometric via www.prometric.com/csi or 1-800-503-8991, before submitting the CSI Exam Registration Cancellation Form. NOTE: Cancelling your appointment with Prometric does not cancel your exam registration with CSI.

Cancellation/Refund Fee Schedule

# of Days Prior to Your Test Date: CSI Refund Request: Prometric Cancellation Fee:
8 - 30 days (or more) days prior to test date* Amount paid less 50% of CSI Exam fee $30 due to Prometric from candidate
Less than 8 days prior to the test date No refund or credit

*If no test date was scheduled, 50% refund if request received 8+ days prior to last day of exam window or no refund eligible.  

Q. How do I request an ADA accommodation?
Please review the ADA Test Accommodations Guidelines for CSI Examination Registrants. Please note the testing center requires a minimum of 30 days notice for accommodations.

Q. Can my fees be transferred to someone else?

No, exam application fees are not transferable to another individual.

Q. If I have to retest, when can I do it and do I need to apply/pay again?
Those who are not successful in passing an exam may retest during the next exam window. Candidates may not take the exam more than once within an exam window. Retests require a new application and registration fee.

Q. How do I get the Student rate for my CDT exam application?
Select the “Student Application” option. During the application process, you will need to upload a clear photo of a valid student ID with the date of the current term or transcripts for the current term.

Q. When will I receive my exam results?
Your pass/fail status will be emailed to you approximately six weeks after the testing window closes.

Q. Why do I have to wait for my CSI certification exam results?

All CSI certification exams will intermittently undertake a “passing score” analysis. This means the research to determine the “cut score” (to pass/fail) cannot be determined until after all candidates have taken the exam and the testing window has closed.

Exam items are individually evaluated and those questions (items) that did not perform as expected are analyzed to determine how to score, modify or eliminate. Items are reviewed by a confidential group of subject matter experts (SMEs), CSI members and staff facilitated by a psychometrician, a.k.a. test development specialist.

Once the review is completed, the “cut or passing score” is set and status reports are sent to individual candidates.

**The entire review and scoring process takes roughly 6-8 weeks and can only start after the close of the testing window.