Keynote Speakers

Get to know the speakers that will be presenting at the CSI National Conference. 


Curtis Moody

Perspective on Design, Firm Ownership, and Breaking Boundaries in the AECO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Owner) Industry

Moody will provide his insights on career pathways, work completed rooted in new design concepts and his overall take on the industry as a whole. His presentation will be particularly focused on lessons learned as he has navigated through new technologies, growing diversity and the modern built environment.

About Curtis

Curtis is the founder of Moody Nolan, the largest African American-owned architecture firm in the US. His firm has designed the Wintrust Arena at McCormick Square, in Chicago; Marriott’s Moxy Hotel in Columbus; and the International African American History Museum slated to open in South Carolina later this year. The firm’s designs have won more than 330 design citations, including 49 from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and 45 the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA). Moody himself has won a number of accolades and awards, including the Whitney M. Young Jr Award, the Distinguished Service Award from The Ohio State University, the AIA Ohio Gold Medial Award and most recently the 2021 AIA National Architecture Firm Award. They call him the Rewriter of Rules because Moody’s perspectives on Design, Firm Ownership and Breaking Boundaries in the AECO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owner) Industry has made him an iconic figure in the field of construction.

Nancy Novak

Leveraging Data to Inform the Next Generation of the Construction Industry

Nancy will share her knowledge and expertise on how data is impacting the construction industry and the professionals who make buildings come together. Using the data we have, how do we prepare the industry for the next generation?

About Nancy

Nancy is the Chief Innovation Officer of Construction for Compass Datacenters. Prior to joining Compass Datacenter’s Novak was National Vice President of Operations for Balfour Beatty Construction. At Balfour Beatty, Novak was a key resource in assessing and strengthening the company’s ability to scale knowledge and bring national consistency to strong, existing operating standards. Previously, her 20-year career as an Operations Executive with Hensel Phelps Construction Company gave her the expertise needed to build complex projects efficiently. Over the course of her 25 years of experience, she has overseen $3.5 billion in projects while working to advance women in construction through major forums such as the White House Women's and Diversity in STEM, Above the Glass Ceiling, Women in Government Relations (WGE), Women Construction Owners and Executives (WCOE), The World Trade Center Initiative, Fortune Media’s Most Powerful Women and the National Women’s Party. They call her the Innovator of Information because Novak is known for leveraging data in innovative ways to shape the next generation of construction builds.

Damon Hernandez

Looking to the Future of Construction through the Cutting Edge Tech of Today

Damon will discuss the current trends in construction as it relates to technology and the intersection of traditional CAD (computer-aided design), BIM (building information modeling), and more recent technologies. He will share some interesting use cases and examples on how modern technology will make an impact on the future of construction.

About Damon

Damon is the co-founder of IDEAbuilder, a high-tech building company that uses immersive technologies and robotic manufacturing to build structures more efficiently. He has worked in multiple areas of the Web3D industry and has been active in virtual environments and the 3D web since 2000. He is also currently at SIMLAB, where he is working to make property ownership & management more user friendly for owners via digital twins. Previously, he was at Samsung Research America where he focused on improving the web browser experience with enhanced immersive web technologies. As a founding team member of the Augmented Reality Developer Camps, VR Hackathon, & founder of the AEC Hackathon, he is actively working to help grow the use of innovative technologies. He will be speaking on his 20/22 vision of looking to the future of construction through the lens of what is on the cutting edge today.