Andrew J. Drozda Mentorship Award

Andrew J. Drozda Mentorship Award

This award is presented to a CSI member recognized by their peers as a true mentor, one who espouses leading by example, someone recognized throughout the chapter, region, and even Institute for their actions and is one who is considered a primary support pillar for others to draw strength from and rely on for a foundation for their own participation.

Past Award Winners


"Receiving the Andrew J. Drozda Academic Affairs Commendation in 2005 shortly after I entered the profession was a great boost to my career. It gave me confidence to take on more challenges and to serve my community and my profession - it was validation of my service. Since that award I have been fortunate to build relationships through CSI around the country which is incredibly valuable to my career growth and my ability to serve my clients. Working and now owning a small architecture firm in a rural community, we do not have the access to experts in the industry that major cities have for architects. CSI is that network for me and through CSI I know who to call to get the right answers for my projects." Charles B. Hendricks, CSI, CDT

(2018) Sheryl Dodd-Hansen, FCSI, CCS, CCC
(2018) Kurt Moehlman, CSI, CDT

(2016) Scott Didra, CSI
(2015) Dean Lamb, CSI

(2013) Duane Michael Johnson, FCSI, CDT
(2011) James Rose, CSI
(2010) Thad Goodman, CSI, CDT
(2009) Paul Pierson, CSI
(2008) Bryan Varner, CSI, CCCA
(2007) Gene R. Fosheim, CSI
(2006) Sacramento California Student Design Competition Committee
(2006) Charles B. Hendricks, CSI, CDT
(2005) William L. Hall, Jr., CSI

(2004) Jeffrey C. Callahan, CSI, CCCA
(2003) Beth Eubanks, CSI
(2002) Cynthia J. Long, CSI, CDT
(2001) Robert H. Collom, III, CSI, CDT
(2000) Knowville Chapter
(2000) Gary B. Gaiser, CSI, CDT

Award winners are listed by fiscal year.

Andrew J. Drozda, CSI, was a leader
in increasing CSI’s visibility in the collegiate
and construction arenas. Drozda was an
inspiration to many for his dedication to
continuing education as well as his efforts
in getting the CSI message on
college campuses.