College of Fellows

The College of Fellows exists to provide an organized and formal method to leverage the knowledge and expertise of CSI Fellows. They serve as a group for the betterment of CSI at all levels and to provide a forum by which the Fellows, as individuals and as a group, can increase their contributions to CSI. Fellows work closely with the CSI Foundation to raise funds and recommend recipients of scholarships and donations.

Who are CSI Fellows?

Fellows are CSI members who have been selected by their peers to be elevated based on their achievements in the industry and their above-and-beyond contributions to CSI at the national, region, and chapter levels. A nominee for Fellowship must have been a member in good standing with the Institute for no less than five years, and have made important contributions in one or more of four categories:

·         Advancement of construction technology;

·         Improvement of construction specifications;

·         Education; or

·         Service to the Institute.

With the exception of Distinguished and Honorary Membership, Fellowship is the highest honor for which Institute members may be chosen. It is a title to be accepted with both humility and pride. Its recipients have a high degree of responsibility to uphold the principles of the Institute.