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Specs 101 video series from CSI Resources

  • 1.  Specs 101 video series from CSI Resources

    Posted 03-19-2022 05:43 PM
    Edited by William Massingill, CSI, AIA 03-19-2022 05:46 PM
    Attention all new and emerging professionals and product representatives (not that those two groups don't describe the same person): CSI Resources offers a six-part virtual series (see Specs 101 Series | CSI and 5 Ways You and Your Team Can Benefit from Using Specs 101) which identifies the various underlying elements of specifications and how they coordinate with other construction documents and different project team members who write and read them.  If the cost of purchasing this video series isn't in your personal professional development budget, encourage your employer to consider purchasing this as a minimal-cost investment in staff development.

    William Massingill CSI, AIA
    "Interim" Chapter President / CSI Austin Chapter