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Fiscal Year Transition Questions

  • 1.  Fiscal Year Transition Questions

    CSI National Conference 2022
    Posted 08-15-2018 11:21 AM

    From the CSI Gulf States Region Institute Board Director:

    Construction Specifications Institute volunteer leaders, first and foremost, thank you for your support of CSI!

    With the fiscal year just kicking off there might be some cases where last year's operation did not carry forward to this year's operation. If that is the case, I would suggest you first reach out to a mentor in your CSI community to seek a solution.

    If that does not help, feel free to send your question to Institute at one of the following contact points:

    Member Services at or 800-689-2900
    Chapter Services: 

    They will reply to you in a timely manner to help solve, if possible, your situation. Please help me spread this word!

    Again, thank you for your support of CSI and wish each of you a successful year!


    William Sundquist CSI
    Whitacre Greer
    Chattanooga TN