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CSI Certification Maintenance (Recertification)

To view the status of your CSI certifications, to the CSI website, click "Open My Dashboard" and navigate to the “My Certifications” button. You may also access "My Certifications" from the Certifications tab.

Watch the "How to Look Up Your CSI Certification Expiration Date" video:

CSI certifications are valid for a period of three years and the year of expiration is based on the initial cycle and year of certification. (Note: CSI membership is NOT required to earn or maintain CSI credentials.)

CSI sends email reminders for recertifications beginning 120 days prior to the deadline.
***If you have opted out of receiving CSI emails, it is your responsibility to monitor the due date for your recertification(s). Please note these dates on your calendar.



2023-2024 Cycle



2024 Cycle



Sept 15 – Jan 15

$160 CSI member

$180 Nonmember

 March 1 – June 30

$160 CSI member

$180 Nonmember


Jan 16 – Feb 15

$205 CSI member

$225 Nonmember

 July 1 – July 30

$205 CSI member

$225 Nonmember


To maintain your certifications:

  • Actively learn and earn at least 24 Learning Units (LUs) within the three years leading up to your expiration date.
  • Log your qualifying 24 Learning Units (LUs) into your CSI account (While logged in, click "Open Dashboard", then click "My Certifications".)
  • Click the "Recertify/Reinstate" button (You will not see this button until 120 days prior to your certification's lapse date and CSI's will send you multiple reminders via email.)
  • Pay the recertification fee
  • Applications take 5-7 days for CSI staff review and you will be contacted if further information is needed to approve your application

Continuing Education Learning Units (LUs):

  • 100% of Learning Units (LUs) must pertain to the AECO industry and a minimum of 50% must pertain to the body of knowledge related to each CSI credential. View knowledge domains: CDT, CCCA, CCS, CCPR.
  • 0.25 is the minimum Learning Unit (LU) accepted.
  • LUs must be both earned and submitted during the 3-year recertification cycle. For example, if a 2016 course is submitted for a 2018-2021 window, it will not be accepted.
  • Maintaining more than one CSI certification? A total of 24 Learning Units (LUs) are required for each certification. A maximum of 12 LUs (50%) may overlap; however, content must be relevant to each specific certification. To claim credit toward 2 credentials, simply check the box for both credentials when selecting "Certification Type" upon submission.
  • Bulk LU submissions are accepted in the form of transcripts from other CE providers (such as AIA, Hanley Wood, RedVector, etc.).
  • It is the ethical responsibility of the learner to only claim credit once for activities in which they have participated. If you previously attended a live presentation and earned Learning Units (LUs), you may not claim duplicate credit for the On-Demand version of the same presentation.
  • If you have questions, please contact for clarification.

What qualifies as an eligible Learning Activity?
Learning Unit
LU Time
Maximum LUs
In-person Courses, Conference Sessions, Workshops of technical content 1 Hour = 1 LU No maximum Technical presentations must be non-commercial and non-sales in nature.
In-person Courses, Conference Sessions, Workshops of non-technical content 1 Hour = 1 LU 2 LUs per year Non-technical presentations may include management, leadership development, soft
skills, team building, etc.
Online Course, Live 1 Hour = 1 LU No maximum Virtual, live, and synchronous. Certificate of completion required (e.g., Webinar,
Online On-Demand or Self Study 1 Hour = 1 LU No maximum Virtual and asynchronous. Assessment and/or proof of completion required.
Technical Tours 1 Hour = 1 LU 2 LUs per year Technical content must be non-commercial and non-sales in nature.
College or University Course 1 Hour = 1 LU 8 LUs per
course, per year
Passing grade transcript required from US accredited colleges and universities only. Course content must be relevant to CSI credential body of knowledge.
*Instructors can claim up to 6 LUs per course per year.
Volunteer (CSI national, regional, chapter) 1 Hour = 1 LU 2 LUs per year Service as an appointed or elected CSI volunteer on a board, committee, working group, or task force. Must be an active and engaged participant to expand skills and enhance professional growth.
Presenter/Author - Technical content 1 Hour = 1 LU 2 LUs per year
Prepare, research, write, and/or present current and relevant technical content to a professional audience via audio, visual, and/or written delivery of technical information or information about the profession. 
Certification Candidate
1 Hour = 1 LU 12 LUs from study groups per year
Prepare and successfully pass a new, specialized CSI credential exam during the renewal cycle for a previous CSI credential (e.g., have a CDT, study and pass the CCCA exam). *Cert prep exam instructors can claim up to 4 LUs per year.
Exhibit/Tradeshow 1 Hour = 1 LU 2 LUs per year
Gain technical product knowledge from product representatives and manufacturers.
Professional Reading 2 articles = 1 LU 1 LU per year
Include only articles from peer-reviewed, technical journals. Industry trade periodicals do not qualify (i.e. Construction Specifier)

Attention all CDT® Holders:

  • The Construction Documents Technology (CDT®) program has transitioned from a certificate to a certification
  • All CSI certifications now require 24 CSI Learning Units (LUs) every 3 years to maintain
    • Individuals who earned the CDT prior to Spring 2018 -> Recertify in Spring 2021 or Winter 2022
  • Units must be earned within three years prior to certification expiration date
  • Log into the Learning Library to earn Learning Units (CSI Members enjoy discounts!)
  • It’s easy to keep track! Click here for a tutorial video on how to log your LUs
  • Bulk LU submissions are accepted in the form of transcripts from other CE providers (such as AIA).
  • The window to recertify opens 120 days prior to your certification's lapse date, with a 30 day grace period after expiration (reinstatement).
4 Easy Steps to
Maintain your Certification:

_1.png Login to your CSI account at CSIResources
_2.png Click "My Certifications" beneath "Certification" in the Main Menu
_3.png Click "Manage Continuing Education" to log Learning Units (LUs)
_4.png Click "Recertify/Reinstate" to submit the application and fee

How to Access your Certificates in the Learning Library

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