Ways to Recognize New CSI Credential Holders

Celebration Ideas:

  • Announce names of new recipients of the CSI designations (see PR/Communication ideas below!) 
  • Highlight new certificants in meeting’s agenda or program 
  • Host a happy hour or dessert party to honor new certificants 
  • Create (or download) and share celebratory backgrounds for all to use
  • Photo opp - Virtual! Screenshot your group’s celebration and share the photo throughout your organization and on social media. 
  • Photo opp – In-Person! Take photos or videos of new certificants shaking hands with Chapter President/Certification Chair or celebrating as a group. Submit them to chapter leaders and CSI for publishing in social media, newsletters, etc. 
  • High Five and Applause! Give new credential earners the Super Bowl team intro treatment. 
  • Seat new certificants at a table of honor 
  • Ask new certificants to select the evening’s technical program, networking activity or menu 
  • Present new certificants with CSI memorabilia, gift certificates, or certificate frames 
  • Invite the spouses/employers of honorees to join in the recognition celebration 
  • Invite new non-member certificants to be guests of honor at your next chapter meeting  
  • Provide special ribbons or buttons to new certificants announcing their achievement  
  • Ask certificants to speak or write about their certification journey 


  • Announce new certificants in your chapter/company newsletter and post on your organization’s web site and social media. Use #CSIcertification 
  • Keep an eye on LinkedIn for credential holders to share their digital CSI badges and engage with that post. 
  • Send a letter of congratulations from the Chapter President, Certification Chair, Company CEO 
  • Send a congratulations card signed by chapter leaders, co-workers or executive team (Not all in one place? Virtual cards from sites like GroupGreeting give everyone the chance to write a personal message from their own device!) 
  • Issue press releases to local newspapers and construction industry firms proudly announcing the achievements of your chapter members/staff 
  • Start a ‘Wall of Fame’. Each month add the new credential earners 
  • Create a presentation or table-top display with certificants’ names, CSI practice guides, study guides, and information on future exams and study courses for display at chapter meetings, product shows, and other industry events  

Remember, recognition boosts the value of the CDT®, CCS®, CCCATM, and CCPRTM designations as well as participation among industry members!