Certification Renewal Information

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To view your renewal status, log in to the CSI website and navigate to the “My Certifications” page from the menu.

CSI certifications are valid for a period of three years and expire on June 30 or December 31 of the third year. The year of expiration is based on the initial date of certification. CSI sends email reminders for Certification Renewal beginning approximately 3-4 months prior to the deadline. 

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To renew:
  • Participate in at least 24 Learning Units (LUs) within the 3 years leading up to your renewal date
  • Log your 24 Learning Units (LUs)  into your CSI account (membership not required)
  • Complete the renewal attestation
  • Pay the renewal fee 

Continuing Education Learning Units (LUs):
  • 50% of topics must be related to the professional practice of the certification being renewed, as defined by the CSI Practice Guide
  • 100% of Learning Units (LUs) must be related to the construction industry or the construction process
  • Renewing more than one CSI certification? 24 Learning Units (LUs) are required for each certification and up to 12 of those hours may overlap; however, content must be relevant to each specific certification
  • 1 "unit" for authoring a published industry professional article (non-commercial)
  • 1 "unit" for teaching or presenting at an industry conference, training event or college course
  • Watch for additional information and updates from CSI in 2020

Examples of qualifying continuing education programs:
  • Educational seminars (online or in-person) and certification study courses offered by CSI, CSI Chapters and Regions, AIA or at CONSTRUCT
  • Technical tours and professional technical meetings

CDTs – Have you heard? The Construction Documents Technology (CDT®) program is transitioning from a certificate to a certificationWatch for upcoming CSI Continuing Education Guidelines this summer.

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4 Easy Steps to
Certification Renewal

_1.png Login to CSIResources
_2.png Click on "My Certifications" under "Certification" in the Main Menu
_3.png Input any continuing ed information & upload any supporting documents
_4.png Complete the renewal process & pay the renewal fee