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Board Blog - From the Institute Board - October 2020

By William Sundquist, FCSI posted 11-11-2020 08:30

Board Blog
From the Institute Board

(VIA Zoom – October 14 & 19, 2020)

With the GSR switching from a traditional newsletter to a blog, I am thrilled to write this first GSR Board Blog!

The most exciting update I would like to share with you is that Institute while our relationship with BSD has shifted again to the benefit of CSI and its members, our relationship remains strong. For further information please visit:

Regarding certification, we continue to enhance our offerings and the Board is excited to announce that CSI continues to invest in exam maintenance and development to ensure exam content is relevant and valuable to the AECO industry. Additionally, renewal requirements for the CDT are coming, for more information on renewing your CDT please visit:

I challenge each of you to take time to visit our CSI Learning Library. CSI Learning continues to build out new content offerings with support from our partners and subject matter experts including the bi-weekly WebReaches, new one-off programming like the Specs 101 series, and joint hosting of all CONSTRUCT 2020 education sessions through the end of 2020. You can visit the library at anytime using the following link (membership login required):

If you have anything further, you would like to discuss do not hesitate to contact me. My cell is 423-385-4598 or you can email me at:

Please add a sidebar on the page you use for my column that includes contact information for Institute to include the following:


CSI Contacts

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It is an honor to serve and I thank you for your support of CSI!


William Sundquist, CSI

Institute Director from Gulf States Region

FY’ 2018 to 2021