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The CDT® Spotlight

By Peter Kray posted 01-10-2023 12:12 PM


The Construction Documents Technology (CDT®) certification provides a comprehensive program of study for anyone seeking to enhance and demonstrate knowledge of writing, interpreting, enforcing, and managing construction documents.

Pass the CDT exam, and you'll join an elite group of professionals known in the industry for their comprehensive knowledge of the 8 CDT Knowledge Domains.

CSI offers the CDT certification examinations twice annually in the Spring and the Fall. Early Bird Registration for the Spring 2023 exam cycle opens February 1, 2023 and runs until March 3, 2023. Find out more about how you can invest in your future at

Who should sit for the CDT?
Project architects, contractors, contract administrators, material suppliers, and manufacturers' representatives are all realizing the advantages of being Construction Documents Technologists.

Earning your CDT means: 

  • Adding "CDT" after your name, to your LinkedIn, business card and your resume — and proudly sharing your CDT digital badge.
  • Respect from your peers as a result of your understanding of how a project unfolds from concept to delivery and the roles and relationships of all participants.  
  • Understanding the documentation involved – which drives effective communication among all members of the construction team


Three Key CSI Resources to Help You Achieve Your CDT

Here are three resources CSI offers to help you earn your CDT certification and reach your professional goals:

#1) CDT® Candidate Handbook
The CDT Handbook for Certification Candidates is a free resource and your starting point toward becoming a CDT. It contains pertinent information regarding candidate requirements, application procedures, knowledge domains, source materials, study resources, and CSI certification policies. Download it here.

#2) Project Delivery Practice Guide (PDPG)
The primary resource document for the Construction Documents Technology (CDT®) certification, The Project Delivery Practice Guide 3rd Edition (PDPG) conveys information on the knowledge domains that form the foundation of the skills and knowledge tested by the CDT examination. It is available in print or digital through the CSI Bookstore

#3) Project Delivery Study Workbook
The Project Delivery Study Workbook is comprised of interactive self-assessments, learning activities, and case studies to enhance your learning experience as you prepare for the Construction Documents Technology (CDT®) certification examination. It is available through the CSI Bookstore.

“This workbook is gold,” said Priscilla Lee, who earned her CDT in 2019. “People will be referring to it for exams. I continue to use it as a reference for work. People will be using it for studying for all the other CSI exams. The case studies are great!”


What AECO Industry Professionals Say About the CDT

“The CDT gave me a better understanding of my role in the design and construction process as well as the roles of contractors and owners.”

  • Pete Salmon, CSI, CCS, CDT, AIA, LEED AP


“The CDT certification is something that I will take with me throughout my entire career in many ways. The exam gave me the basic knowledge and experience that I needed to be a Spec Writer, and to pass future exams like the CCS.”

  • Melissa Giles, CDT


“With the accelerating change in the construction industry and the desire to adopt more progressive and less conventional project delivery methods, it is important to keep up with the latest developments in the field in addition to mastering the 4 C’s in construction documentation. The CSI CDT certification gives the competitive edge in the documentation, communication, and practices in this dynamic field.

  • Nuha Alfahham, CDT