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2 Conversations to Join Now on CSI Community Connect

By Peter Kray posted 03-21-2022 12:17 PM


Ever want to discuss a specific work challenge with your peers, get (and give) input to help solve a problem, or even take a casual straw poll? There’s a good place for that: the CSI Community Connect Forum. This go-to resource is where you can connect with other construction industry professionals in real-time, keep up on current events, and even share interesting information about yourself.

Here are two timely, current conversations you may want to follow—and contribute to—right now. (The comments have been edited for length, so please log in or create a new profile to read them in their entirety.)


#1) Is There a Consensus on TOC Page Count Numbers?

What is the consensus on the value of section page count numbers as part of the table of contents for a project manual? We use a hybrid approach, which usually requires some time at the end coordinating the actual number of pages contained in each section and listing them line by line in the table of contents. I would really like to eliminate them. If there is some value or hidden purpose in these numbers?
Carolyn L. Charles, AIA, CDT, LEED GA


The quick answer is no. Neither the CSI Manual of Practice, AIA Masterspec Review Committee (when I was Chair), nor many SCIP members recommend putting spec section page numbers in the table of contents. Ever since the CSI SectionFormat included "End of Section," the need for page numbers ended. There are a few agencies that require it, so a clerk in the print shop can match it up in case a page is missing.
Mark Kalin FCSI, FAIA

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#2)  Spring 2022 CCS

I have started my journey/preparation to obtain my CCS certification. Does anyone have any study material (flash cards, etc.) they would be willing to share? I have all the current versions of the project delivery, contract administration, and specification practice guides – in addition to the Masterformat and UniFormat appendices, AIA, EJCDC, etc. Any other suggestions are welcome!


You will be added to the Peer Study Communities upon approval of your exam registration. Be on the lookout for an introductory email from CSI’s Certification team. We will also announce the workbook in the CCS Study Community, which is available to all CCS exam registrants.

For additional questions or for more information about the study community, feel welcome to contact our team at
Kristen Gates, CSI

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