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The Best Holiday Gifts for AECO Industry Professionals

By Peter Kray posted 12-21-2020 09:17


The CSI Community and CSI Blogs/News are your go-to resources to connect with other construction industry professionals, keep up on current events, and even share some more interesting information about yourself.

In a post last week, Community Members were asked, “It's the holiday season, and presents will be exchanged. What do you think is the perfect gift for an AECO industry professional?”

Read all of the replies, and share your thoughts on holiday gifts for the industry.

I’m in California and we’re locked down again, so everything is still work-from-home based and probably will be for a couple more months at least.

I’m tempted to say “slippers.” I think I’ve worn my slippers more this year than in the preceding ten years put together. But probably a nice thermal cup with a lid, like from Yeti or the equivalent.

The traditional gifts that I used to get from various vendors—cookies, a bottle of wine, or boxes of candy—don’t really work this year since we’re quarantined at home. I would normally share those with my office mates at the end of the week. Gifts from other years—theater tickets or a meal out—also don’t work in this weird year. The things I’ve used the most this year—masks, thermal cups (for coffee) and thermal bottles (for water) get used every single day in my work from home routine. There’s probably some weird computer thing I’m not thinking of, too.
Anne Whitacre FCSI, CCS, LEED AP

Something I have sometimes done, whether at holiday time or just to celebrate a project wrapping up, is a Lego set as a gift. It helps that “we’re all inside with nothing to do,” and is a nice diversion for someone with either a creative or process oriented mind. They have sets from various cities showcasing landmarks. And there are many that are more complicated (engaging) than just kids toys. If you know the person, it’s easy to find one that has some personal significance.
Heath Waldorf CSI, CDT

I could use a new set of headphones for all the virtual meetings!
Andrea Zawodny CSI, CCS, CDT, LEED AP

Just yesterday I got a box from a vendor with a barbeque apron and barbeque tools—oddly, it’s useful here in the Bay Area nearly all year, but it also struck me as a somewhat hopeful gesture for the future.

Anne Whitacre

Probably can’t go wrong with power tools or giftcards to their favorite hardware store.
Jeffrey Parnell


Thankfully I have everything I need. My go-to request for several years now has been to donate to local food banks or homeless shelters. If you need a suggestion, the Charlotte, NC YWCA is in the process of building over 100 low-income housing units in their "front yard" and could use whatever financial support they can get.

For most design professionals perhaps a gift card for a CSI course, publication, or standard?

If you’re really itching to send me something, I’m trying to find a nice concert ukulele case.

Kenneth Hercenberg CSI, CCS, CCCA, CDT