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Two Current Threads to Follow—and Contribute to—On the CSI-Community Forum

By Peter Kray posted 11-16-2020 13:10

The CSI Community and CSI Blogs/News are your go-to resources to connect with other construction industry professionals, keep up on current events, and even share some more interesting information about yourself.

Here are two current conversations you may want to follow right now.

1) Product MasterSpec vs. BSD SpecLink vs. Arcat

David Corle, Director, A+D Relations Hospitality & Design Liaison HMI Cardinal posted:

Hello design professionals -

First, I am so thankful for this community and the open willingness to offer insight and feedback. Thank you in advance, once again.

1. I would like to know what services are typically sourced for finding manufacturers specifications. There are many services out there that would like to sell manufacturers like us their services and each claim to have the largest audience. We have had varying levels of success in the past with different platforms but I would like to hear direct from architects and spec writers on the subject.

2. Are proprietary specifications from manufacturers generally frowned upon or are they accepted by your firms?

Thank you for your input!

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#2) Architects asked to produce and certify as-built drawings.
Mary Alvarez CSI, CDT, Assoc. AIA, Architectural Associate posted:

Good Afternoon All,

My question is what is the proper procedure for handling the following requests as they pertain to As-built drawings:

1. Architect is required by the owner to certify that per their periodic observations, the As-Builts drawings reasonably represent the project as built.

2. Contractor is required to provide CAD files and has requested Architect to produce them (since they already have them).  Since the architect is technically producing them for the contractor, would title blocks need to be included?  Would it be ok to transfer the files with the AIA C106 Digital Data Licensing Agreement to seek indemnification for liability of their use?

Thank you all for your help!

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