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3 Reasons You Need to Take the New Learning Library for a ‘Test Drive’

By Peter Kray posted 06-27-2019 12:24


The new CSI Learning Library is live, offering content and continuing education options to help you maintain all your CSI credentials, keep current on upcoming events, and explore an ever growing collection of educational archives.

Most importantly for your busy schedule, the new library makes it especially easy for you to learn at your time, and your place of need.

“We created the Learning Library so construction industry professionals would be able to access learning 24/7,” said CSI Chief Learning Officer Tracy Petrillo. “And more than one thousand people have already logged in to take advantage of this resource, but we would like to draw even more people there to take it for a test drive.”

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should take this New CSI Resource for a Test Drive Right Now:


  • To familiarize yourself with the all the free content, including on-demand educational sessions, Town Hall archives, and monthly meetings of the Specifying Practice Community.
  • To earn the Learning Units you need to stay current on your CSI credentials, from wherever you are, and whenever it is most convenient for.
  • And finally, according to Petrillo, because the more you utilize the Learning Library, “The better we can continue to make it for you.”

“The more professionals use the Learning Library, the more value we will be able to add,” said Petrillo. “That’s because we want you to tell us what other content you want us to see so that you can do your job better. As more members take advantage of the Learning Library, the more quickly resources will expand, and the value of those resources will grow.”

Right now, the Learning Library can streamline how you can find, register for, and attend events that are important to you, then take a post-event survey and print your certificate of completion. You can enjoy a multi-part series on the basic elements and purpose of CSI’s OmniClass Standard. And, you can easily track all of your activity throughout the year.

If you would like to see more content in the OmniClass series, want to go more in-depth on the importance of MasterFormat and how it informs the work of the entire construction industry, or have a specific request for how this new resource can work better for you, take a test drive, and help build this into the resource you need right now.

“We want that input,” Petrillo said. “Getting that feedback from members is what is going to help us prioritize what works best for you.”

Log-in the Learning Library right here: