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Master Specifiers Retreat: Read More Advice for First-Timers

By Peter Kray posted 03-11-2019 16:39


The Master Specifiers Retreat will take place June 19-21 in Chicago, and registration closes on March 15—this Friday! If you are planning to attend this event for the first time, here is some sound advice from other CSI members. 

“This may be sort of obvious, but wear comfortable shoes. You will have lots of opportunities to stand around and talk to people—emphasis on the ‘standing around’ part. If the weather is good, you'll be conducting some of those events outdoors, so have the right clothes for that, too. And then, plunge in. You’re going to be both selling yourself (and your firm) and also the target of people who want to sell to you. This is a two-way endeavor: the architect is not, or should not, just be the ‘passive recipient’ in these events.”
Anne Whitacre FCSI, CCS, CDT, LEED AP

“Bring LOTS of business cards. It sounds as obvious as ‘make sure you have the right attire for the weather’ or ‘comfortable shoes’ (Anne is spot on there), but don’t forget your running shoes if you are a runner. You might be surprised to find someone to navigate the local terrain with you either before or after some sessions. I suggest getting up early to get it done so you don’t miss out on the social events in the evening.

Also, do your homework before you go. Have some specific Sections you want to review?  Bring them.  Use your time to talk about what you include in your projects and why.”
Eric D. Letbetter, AIA

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