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5 Ways You and Your Team Can Benefit from Using Specs 101

By Matthew Fochs posted 11-02-2020 11:51 AM


Collaboration continues to blur the lines between traditional job roles in the construction process. Specs 101, a new 6-part virtual series brought to you by CSI, identifies the underlying elements of construction specifications and how they coordinate with other construction documentation and the different project team members who write and read them.  

Specifications are no longer written only by specifiers. Specs 101 defines how anyone on the project team should write, read, and use specifications throughout the overall project.  

Here, CSI Director of Learning, Practice, and Outreach Matt Fochs shares five top ways you and your team can benefit from using Specs 101, Module 1.

  • Construction Specifications are one of the key construction documents that bridge nearly every project phase and impact every member of the project team. Having an understanding of “what are specs” is key to ensuring project delivery.
  • Learning how to write specifications takes years, but making sure you understand the key elements of specifications can be done in just a few hours.
  • Whether you are new to the AECO industry or have years of experience, the Specs 101 series guides you through the nomenclature, intent, and processes of specifications as defined through the collective expertise and experience of CSI member professionals.
  • Understanding the key concepts and uses of construction specifications is fundamental to all professionals working in construction, not just the design team – when everyone understands what goes into a spec and how it impacts the project, there is likely to be less chance for confusion or communication errors.
  • This series marks the first attempt by CSI to clearly and succinctly share the core ideas of specifications that serve as the backbone for many of our certifications, publications, formats, and standards.

Specs 101 is designed for:

  • New and emerging professionals
  • Product representatives

Individual Modules: $10/member, $20/non-member 

6-Part Series: $50/member, $100/non-member

Modules are worth 0.5 CSI Learning Units each for a possible 3.0 for the series.

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