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How I Earned My CCPR: A Conversation with Shari Carlozzi

By CSI HQ posted 02-14-2024 06:07 PM

Professional headshot of Shari Carlozzi

Ever wonder how a CCPR credential can transform your career? 

Just ask Shari Carlozzi! Shari chose to take both the CDT and CCPR exams in 2022, propelling herself towards construction expertise and industry acclaim. Let's dive into her story and see how these designations unlocked doors.

Can you provide an overview of your career, and why you chose to work in this industry?
I have been in the roofing industry for 17 years, getting my start as a marketing adviser for a heat welding company that developed into a sales role. I later became the national sales manager for their roofing division products, teaching roofers these practices in heat welding installations. From there I led a national team to assess rooftop safety via fall protection to be included in initial design or retrofitted to achieve OSHA compliance. I am now working with the AEC community for technical support and product specification assistance.

I am a teacher by college certification and enjoy solving problems and finding solutions to build the best roofing assemblies and compliance possible. The roofing industry chooses you and is a big-little industry of good, hardworking people.

What prompted you to earn your CCPR?

In my new role, it is imperative for me to understand the process of HOW the construction industry works to best serve my customers—owners, consultants, and design professionals. So much goes into a building before you break ground. Understanding the vocabulary, the process, and the requirements of all parties involved is essential to a well-built, code-compliant, and on-time construction project, I.e., I wanted to be able to provide the best support and product knowledge possible to my customers. My goal is to be a trusted resource and partner. I feel the training I received through the CDT® and CCPR® certification helped me to achieve that level of confidence. 


How did you study/prepare for the CCPR exam?

I bought the study guides, participated in weekly study group activities for the CDT, and studied two hours per day for two months leading up to the spring 2022 CDT test. CSI suggested that I take the CCPR the same year, as the information would be fresh in my mind—and they were correct.

For the CCPR I purchased the study guide and studied at least an hour per day in the two months leading up to the fall 2022 testing period. There were no study group options available for CCPR at that time. I do think they can be helpful, especially to those who have been CDT certified for over a year.


What in particular about the exam process stands out for you? 

The questions are difficult and very specific. They need to be read and then dissected for the exact meaning as they can be tricky and misleading. I like that you can mark a "?" by one you are unsure of and go back to it for review. You also need to breakdown the responses as there were times that two answers seemed fitting, so dissecting both the question and the answers is important. I found that to be tricky. Best advice: Study hard and take your time when taking the exam. 


Were there any surprising, or unexpected methods or preparation that helped you achieve success? 

The CSI flashcards were really helpful. One question a day was super helpful! You should make that common knowledge for all registered test takers. I also liked that the chapters (practice guides), even though they seemed somewhat redundant and long, provided a reinforcement of what you previously read in the preceding chapters. 


How did your professional and personal community support you? 

My company, Seaman Corporation, was extremely supportive by paying for my testing and study material costs. Others in the design field were also very helpful with links to study groups, study aids, etc. I would especially thank Jay Hyde of Mogavero Architects for his guidance and support. 


How do you feel this will impact your future in the industry and inform the work you do? 

It is very motivating to hear that design professionals respect the CDT and CCPR certifications, but it is most gratifying to have learned as much as I have from this training. It is gratifying and empowering to know that I met the challenge and raised the bar on my performance level on behalf of my employer and my clients.


How has a CCPR certification informed how you approach new projects, especially when working with design teams and throughout the project delivery process?

By earning the CDT and CCPR certifications I am more aware of the timing and my place in it to present my products. It can be a waste of everyone's time if you don't realize which stage of development the project is in. That also frustrates the design professionals and can jeopardize your relationship or future relationship with them.

Understanding the division you represent and how to find it, read it, and interpret it in the specification saves everyone—especially you, as the product representative—valuable time as projects are being developed. Knowing what questions to ask and being able to read the specification is essential to your success.

Thinking about taking the CCPR exam? Find out if it's a good fit!

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Shari is a true professional, and it's an honor to work with her.