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CSI Connect Community—Supply Chain Issues

By CSI HQ posted 10-21-2021 09:50 AM


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A recent post asked, “Shipping and supply problems continue to plague business across industries. Amazon started its "Black Friday-worthy deals" almost two months ahead of the holiday season to get out ahead of shipping demands. What supply issues are you seeing in the AECO Industry, and what creative solutions are you employing to minimize their impact on the work you do?”

I think we’ve had supply chain and logistics issues that have affected every Division of construction. It hasn’t been an issue all at once, but first it was wood, then metals, now plastics, furniture, lighting, etc.

We’ve had delays on windows, doors, lockers, framing, sheet goods, cabling, piping, and the list goes on and on. I know that some of the sub-contractors have had issues like rationing of materials from distributors.

There is really nothing for us to do, other than review suggested alternatives that are available.
Cam Featherstonhaugh CSI, CDT, AIA
Architect, TruexCullins
Board Chair-elect, CSI Board of Directors

We are lucky (?) enough to be in pre-construction right now, so are able to design alternative systems and material selections into the project, as well as making strategic early procurement decisions.  However, as Cam pointed out, the ground is constantly shifting, so there will not be any guarantees that we've made the right choices.  Interesting times.
Jori Smith CSI, CDT, LEED AP
Senior Construction Manager
LPC West

Echoing the other posts. Across the board. Roofing particularly truss, decking, and insulation. Some purveyors are projecting bookings out to the 4th quarter 2022.

Glass is also an issue. In addition to supply side, shipping delays have become an issue. On one project we have a looming delay that could have been avoided by changing the glazing assembly to a more common unit thickness. This would be a good time to look at alternatives for your projects now.

Plastics, particularly pipe are affected. On a geothermal project we had to VE out a set of valves because the lead time is 12 months on a custom valve assembly.

Steel, prices and schedules are inflated. Buying out early is about the only option.
Clint Newton III CSI, CDT

I just heard a news story about glass coming into crisis mode - so if you have building schedules with lots of windows/special glass treatments in the next 4-12 months - you might want to figure out a way to lock in inventory for your clients. Being a contract administrator, I am trying to lock quantities several months in advance and trying to give the supplier as much of a “heads up” as I can - for their procurement logistics.
Lana Abel CSI-EP, CDT
Contract Specialist
Ragle, Inc.


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